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When I travel I like to document my thoughts, experiences and days in a journal. When I have a bit more time (or my husband needs a nap) I like to draw and record the colours and patterns around me too. 

Kelly Klapstein’s new products were made for hand lettering but the minute I got my hands on them I knew they’d be great for using as a journal. Traveler’s journals are all the rage right now and Kelly’s journals and juicy pens are definitely going into my suitcase.  

If you do a bit of prep before you leave you can have fun making water color backgrounds to add more interest to your documentation.  

Here’s how I created my journal: 

1]   I prepped my journal page by spreading gesso with an old hotel room key (a loyalty card would work too).  It doesn’t have to be smooth, actually a few ridges and some texture makes for an interesting background. 

2]   Using an Aqua Brush pen layer down some ink in a messy circle. art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal3]   Spritz the ink circles with water. Go lightly, you can tip the page to make the ink spread.art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal4]   Add more colours, let them dry in between. The colours layer nicely.  

 5]   You can add ephemera from your travels or you can save space to add photos once you get home. While traveling you can add pictures from travel brochures, newspaper illustrations or a ticket stub. I cut out a Vespa from my photos. art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal

 5]   I used two different pens to create the ‘Paris’ title. The Small Brush pen was used to draw the flowers, the Aqua Brush pen was used to letter ‘Paris’. art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal6]   I drew my hand with the small brush pen and then I used a paint brush and water to trace the hand. The ink runs a bit creating some fun shading. art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal

 The “Vespa magic” title was lettered with a Jewel Brush pen. These pens are so juicy and yummy. Let them dry before you add any outlining.  

 The practice journal is so pretty. The soft blue cover is very classy. art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal art-journal-kelly-creates-armerican-crafts-travelers-journal

 Happy journaling! Let us know how you use Kelly’s journals.  

 Supplies: Kelly Creates pens and journals, Vicky Boutin Gesso. 

You’ll find more inspiration from Kerry Engel and Kelly Klapstein in our current issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine!

Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Spring 2018
Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Spring 2018



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