Yahooooo – Hello Wednesday! Every single Wednesday we give away a prize to one of our lucky followers! Today we want to give away a FREE ONE-YEAR subscription to the BEST scrapbooking magazine EVER!!! (I could be just a bit bias :)) One lucky winner is going to receive a one-year subscription to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is a technique-rich paper crafting magazine that features scrapbooking, card making, hand lettering, Bible Art Journaling, stamping, home decor, and mixed media projects. With a gorgeous overall design and book-like print quality, each quarterly issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine will be cherished as an inspirational resource in your craft room for years.

To enter to win this prize package
1. FOLLOW Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on Instagram –CLICK HERE
OR – Follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on YouTube – CLICK HERE

2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post – SAY DONE!

You have until Friday, Dec 7th at midnight to enter to win!

Good luck everyone!


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    Done with all for a while.. thanks and have a very Merry Christmas

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    Sandy Austin Reply

    Done ✅. Already follow everywhere and buy a copy when I can. Love the diversity of your magazine. I have so many bookmarks in mine for projects I want to do!

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    I would love a 1 year subscription to your magazine. I have followed you on Instagram and YouTube for years. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

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    Done !!! Thank you for such an awesome prize. Your magazine is a staple in my craftroom

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    Robin Mowat Reply

    Done! Merry Christmas to all of you at Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

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    Patti Rear Reply

    DONE – thanks for the opportunity to win! Merry Christmas!

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    Louise Bourbonnais Reply

    Done, I’d be good for the next two years of magazines with this awesome gift!!!!

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    Done! Follow every day on instagram and would luv to win a 1 yr. subscriptiona.i still have a year on my current mag. Subscription.👍

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    Susan Beer Reply

    Winning this would be just in time. My subscription just ending.
    Say Done

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    Jan Monforton Reply

    Done! I’m already following on both….this is the best scrapbooking magazine on the market!

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    Done! I’m going to enjoy the utube videos I’m sure! Thanks for today’s excitement

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    Done. I love this magazine. Lots of great information and projects. I buy the magazine every month from one of our stores. I like to try to keep them all in business!!! LOL.

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    Love your magazine and would sure love to win a one year subscription!!

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    Lynn Ekstrom Reply

    I love, love, love this magazine. Thanks for the chance to win a one year subscription.

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    This magazine is like my bible. It is the best scrapbooking magazine out there, and i so appreciate being able to go out and purchase it. It’s hard to find…but when I do…its like Christmas!!!❤

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    Niki DiSilvio Reply

    I’d love the chance to win!

    I follow you guys on Instagram

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    Done. Love your magazine and would love to win a subscription.

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    What a WONDERFUL thing to win!!! I LOVE your magazine! The inspiration and joy it brings is like Christmas all year long!!!!

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    Would love to win your magazine – I love scrapbooking and card making and would love the ideas that your magazine presents

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    What a fabulous magazine and chance to win a subscription! I love this magazine, has so many good ideas and layouts, etc. Thanks for so much inspiration! Merry Christmas!!!

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    Done! Thanks for the chance to win a year subscription to Creative Scrapbooker!

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    Done! Thanks for the chance to win a year subscription to Creative Scrapbooker! Great magazine💖

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    Marlee Craven Reply

    Done ✅ and done ✅
    Love your magazine and always look forward to seeing it in my mailbox!!! 💌

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    Joanna. C. Reply

    I would love to win a year subscription!! Thank you for the chance at winning!! 😊

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    Brenda Drager Reply

    I’m pretty sure I have all of your magazines, love them

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    DONE! I love your magazine and have been following for a long time 💖💙💖

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    Done… your magazine, gives me so much inspiration to be more creative. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Cindy Haselip Reply

    I love your magazine but am retired so have to watch my pennies. I watch the utube videos and see your posts on Facebook.

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    I love your publication and always look forward to the next. I would truly enjoy being able to hold a physical copy in my hand. <3 Done

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    Valerie Hoak Reply

    Done. So hope that I am the lucky winner. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Mary Holshouser Reply

    I am subscribed on UTube. Don’t do Instagram.
    Would love to get your magazine – need design
    ideas all the time. thanks for sharing
    Merry Christmas

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    Dawn Taylor Reply

    What a fabulous gift! I am glad to learn that you have a Youtube channel

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    Jenelle Reyes Reply

    Done! Already following on both! I would love to win a free 1 year subscription! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas! 🎄

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    Heather King Reply

    Done!! I love this magazine and enjoy the exciting stuff contained in the pages of each issue!!! ( even before I was among those pages😍) would love to win a year sub!!

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    Yvonne joubert Reply

    Would love to enter but dont have Instagram or YouTube.

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    Sheree Timmermans Reply

    Done!! thanks for a chance to win a year’s subscription. Love this magazine!

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    It’s time for me to renew my subscription so it’s a great time for me to win!

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    Wow I would love to win this. In the Netherlands we don ‘t have such a gorgeous magazine.

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    Gail Richard Reply

    Wow – all done!! Such an awesome prize that will keep giving always. Thanks for a great opportunity to win and yet give back through great ideas.

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    I don’t remember doing it, but system says ‘Duplicate Coment’? Done!

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    Already following Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on both social media platforms 🙂

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    I really enjoy the magazine. Videos and pictures on the computer are great, but I still think being able to hold a magazine and look at when I want as I’m relaxing is the best. I can save them, review them as needed and always find something new that catches my attention. Computers are great, but there is a limit to just how much time one can spend on line, so aggravating when the Internet goes down or moves at a snail’s pace. Thanks for another contest.

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    I would really love to win this week’s prize.
    I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube channel for months. Great tutorials.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Done – love your magazine, emails, blog, etc., etc. Thanks for this opportunity!

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    Patricia Myers Reply

    I love your magazine and would love to win a subscription.

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    Linda Brady Reply

    Done. Merry Christmas! Now I’m going to watch your You Tube videos!

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    Sharleen Dion Reply

    What a great gift to win, it will just keep giving every time I open a page. Thanks

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    Sondra Myers Reply

    Hi!! I love this magazine!! Is my favorite!!! Thank you for a chance to win this subscription!!

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    Cathy Jo Herlihy Reply

    Done, hoping to win a free subscription to your magazine. Thanks!

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    Christi Conley Reply

    What a fabulous gift!! I love magazines {i save them ALL!} it’s just so much better holding something in your hand 🙂

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    Laurie Black Reply

    Done. Been following for a long time, love the creative ideas and inspiration in Creative Scrapbooker Magazine!

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    Ruby Marchand Reply

    I would LOVE to win this subscription. I miss a good scrapbooking magazine. Thanks for the chance to win this prize.

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    Cheryl L Wickersham Reply

    I am new here and would love to win your magazine for a while!! I need inspiration to scrapbook my first grandchild! Its a girl!!

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    Cheryl L Wickersham Reply

    I would love to be the winner! Excited to read your magazine!! I LOVE SCRAPPING!!