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Hello everyone, Tiffany Spaulding here from Totally-Tiffany. If you’ve been avoiding attending crafting events because the thought of packing up and unpacking is overwhelming, this blog post is for you.

Having the right tools for organizing your supplies “on the go” will be a key to your success at a crafting event. These 5 tools will simplify packing for the event, crafting at the event, and unpacking when you get home.

1. Craft Crate with Apron
How does it simplify the process of packing up?  Unlike many of the crop totes that are on the market, the Craft Crate isn’t loaded with dozens of pockets, zippers, compartments, and flaps.  There’s a few pockets and flaps, but not dozens. The apron around the Craft Crate was designed to hold all your basic tools so they are visible and accessible. You don’t have to remember where you put things because you can see everything.

The inside is unencumbered by dividers and sections that may or may not fit your crafting supplies. You can easily load the inside space with everything you need.

Tips for loading the Craft Crate with Apron
Outside pockets – these are ideal for the things you will want to use and have access to when you’re at the crop.  Your first step in loading up is to gather your basic tools and load them into the outside pockets.
Loading the interior – try to think VERTICAL when you’re loading your Craft Crate or tote.  If you can arrange things in your tote vertically, you won’t have things buried at the bottom.  Think about how and when you will use the things in the tote.  Are there things you will “unload” and put up on the table? If so, you’ll want to put those into the tote so you can remove them first.

Craft Crate Bonus – the lid acts as additional table space, perfect for your ScrapRack or other supplies.

  1. Crop Seat Chair Cover

Talk about maximizing your crop space, the Crop Seat Chair Cover turns your chair into a tool bag.  The large pockets are perfect for 12×12 cutting mats, your Rotating Design Board and a variety of paper trimmers.

Slide your scissors, rulers and tape runners into the smaller pockets and they’re all at your fingertips instead of being buried on your tabletop.
Line the large pocket with a plastic shopping bag and you’ve got a place to drop waste paper.
Slip your water bottle or coffee mug into the mesh pocket and you won’t have to worry about drips or spills.  The Crop Seat includes a clear, vinyl carry bag.
3. Lois and the Ditto Tool Bag

Yes, you can use these two items separately, but they are so great together!
The Ditto Tool Bag – was designed specifically with paper crafting in mind and attending events in particular.
The biggest challenge at crafting events is space.  How do you get everything you need into the small space you’re allotted, keep things accessible, and also carry them easily to the event?
The Ditto Tool Bag addresses all of these issues. The Ditto is a double-sided bag with pockets, loops, and sections designed around the most popular paper crafting tools and supplies.  Handles at the top make it easy to lift and carry.  At the event, split the bag open – for access to everything on both sides of the bag.  You can also use the bag as a barrier to prevent other crafters from creeping into your space.


You might be thinking, if the Ditto Bag is so perfect, why do I need Lois?
Lois takes the Ditto bag to a new level, literally, you’re shoulder.  Instead of filling one of your two very valuable hands with your Ditto bag, put your Ditto into the Lois bag and now you can carry it over your shoulder or event wrap the straps of Lois around the handle of your rolling tote. Here’s a bonus – once you put your Ditto bag on the table, the Lois bag can be used as your shopping tote at the event. It’s big enough for 12×12 things, it’s clear and lightweight.

4. Laura and her buddies
The newly redesigned Laura 2.0 Croppin’ & Shoppin’ tote is a “perfectly” packable crop accessory.  When I say “perfectly” I mean maximum efficiency.

Laura was designed to work with our Buddy Bags and Punch & Supply packs, she’ll even hold a Paper Handler or Fab File.
The idea behind Laura was a slim and portable design that would allow for vertical supply storage.

You don’t need to “unload” Laura when you’re at an event.
Just unzip her clear top, and place her next to your chair.  Pull buddy bags out and drop them back in as you need them.
Laura is easy to transport. The large luggage band works with any pull up handle. Our newest Buddy Bag is Leanne.
Leanne is a little “beefier” (is that a word?) than most of the other buddy bags.   She’s designed to carry more “stuff” with enough length to accommodate long tools like rulers, paint brushes, heat tools, etc.  4 Leanne bags will fill 1 Laura Tote. There are 15 Buddy Bags, you’re sure to find the perfect buddy for your crafty travels.
If you’ve been avoiding attending crafting events because packing and unpacking are overwhelming, try some of these tools and get crafting!!
Are you ready to get all of your craft supplies organized?  Join me for the Get Organized Challenge, it’ fun, it’s free and you’ll feel FABULOUS when your craft supplies are organized.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

Please do visit our website – Totally-Tiffany – to learn more.


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