WINNER UPDATE – congratulations to Shelley Prain – this week’s lucky winner.

Yahooooo – Hello Wednesday! Every single Wednesday we give away a prize to one of our lucky followers!
Today we want to give away a FREE ONE-YEAR subscription to the BEST scrapbooking magazine EVER!!! (I could be just a bit bias :)) One lucky winner is going to receive a one-year subscription to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is a technique-rich paper crafting magazine that features scrapbooking, card making, hand lettering, Bible Art Journaling, stamping, home decor, and mixed media projects. With a gorgeous overall design and book-like print quality, each quarterly issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine will be cherished as an inspirational resource in your craft room for years.

To enter to win this prize package
1. FOLLOW Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on Instagram –CLICK HERE
OR – FOLLOW Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on YouTube – CLICK HERE

2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post – SAY DONE!

You have until Friday, March 01 at midnight to enter to win!

Good luck everyone!

Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Spring 2019


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  1. Avatar

    Done! I love this magazine! I get one issue in my Christmas stocking usually and I refer to it often. A great escape from a busy day when there’s no time to scrapbook and inspiration for when there is.

  2. Avatar

    Done! I’m finding it harder and harder to find stores that sell your magazine so a subscription would guarantee that I can enjoy it.

  3. Avatar

    SAY DONE! Love the magazine and am about to renew but will wait until end of the week! 😉🤪

  4. Avatar
    Linda Murashige Reply

    Kissfist! I love to keep up with new products and ideas from those magazines.

  5. Avatar
    Janice good Reply

    Oh I would love to receive a subscription! Hard to find your magazine here!

  6. Avatar

    Done….. and I don’t watch you tube very much but when I saw how many video/tutorials Creative Scrapbooker has…..I may never leave the site LOL

  7. Avatar
    Lisa Coppens Reply

    Done ✅. Thank you for the opportunity. Love all the inspirations in csm.

  8. Avatar
    Karen McDougal Reply

    OMG I did not know this magazine existed! I miss the days of actually reading a scrapbook magazine. Would love to enjoy that again!

  9. Avatar

    Done! Thank you for the prize opportunities and good luck everyone!

  10. Avatar

    Love this magazine but have been unable to enjoy as often since retiring on a limited income. This would find a great home in my craft room and would be much appreciated. Thanks for sponsoring such a great prize!

  11. Avatar
    Gina Kowalski Reply

    Done. I have been following both for a long time and enjoying the magazine as well!

  12. Avatar

    Yahoo!! I would love a free subscription! I follow you every day on my fav. instagram and my present subscription is coming up for renewal.

  13. Avatar

    I love the inspiration that scrolls down my screen on IG but there is nothing quite like a magazine to hold and flip through! It’s one of the things I do when I want to treat myself in fact, go out for a Starbucks and buy a CS magazine from the drugstore next door

  14. Avatar

    I have the rare privilege of finding your magazine when I visit South Africa once every 2 years. I love it so much! I save mine like gold. !
    I’ll pay the postage if I win this!

  15. Avatar
    Carlyn Engstrom Reply

    Done! I recently subscribed for two years and am awaiting my first issue. If a current subscriber wins, will the prize be tacked on to extend a subscription?

  16. Avatar
    Judi Jenkins Reply

    Have a few CSM mags from 2007 and 2011 that give me inspiration and would like to see whats up today….tks.

  17. Avatar
    Lauraleigh Reply

    I follow on Instagram (Lauratheexplorah) & YouTube (MovieladyLL). Crossing fingers!

  18. Avatar
    Mary Holshouser Reply

    I follow on U-tube. Don’t do Instagram.
    Need the magazines – the ideas for
    the scrapbook pages will translate
    into projects for my greeting cards.
    thanks for the offer

  19. Avatar
    Tegan Shaw Reply

    Done. Such a great magazine. Love it and the inspiration it provides.

  20. Avatar

    Been trying to look for this magazine at Joannstores but could never find them..
    Great giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Avatar

    I want to give this as a gift to my friend that lives in WV. She is an avid scrapbooker and has been for years. I got my first copy of Creative Scrapbookers and I am on my second go thru. It is so full of ideas.

  22. Avatar

    I would love to win. Actual hard copies are better than digital copies!

  23. Avatar

    I would love to win. Actual hard copies are better than digital copies! Done!

  24. Avatar
    Joan Isaak Reply

    Was given the magazine subscription as a gift one year. Would love to have it for another year of fun crafting ideas and great reading.

  25. Avatar
    Dana Bennett Reply

    DONE !!!
    Love your magazine!!
    Good luck everyone!
    Dana from Quebec

  26. Avatar
    Bryana Ortiz Reply

    DONE. and DONE!!!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Love the magazine!!

  27. Avatar

    I have following your magazine on both mediums for quite some time. Love it all. My subscription is up for renewal so winning this would be fantastic. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Avatar

    I was out shopping for the new issue today, but 2 stores and no luck. Maybe it’s a lucky sign! So now I’ll SAY DONE! 😊

  29. Avatar
    Lynn Ekstrom Reply

    What a generous prize. I love the magazine as it is my top go to source for scrapbooking inspiration. Thank you for such a wonderful publication that I can hold too!

  30. Avatar
    germaine fryc Reply

    Finished!! I would love to win a subscription to your fabulous magazine. You rock!

  31. Avatar

    I love this magazine! So many great ideas to help me recreate fantastic paper crafts. It is harder to find the magazine now that our Borders Book store has closed.So this would really be fantastic.

  32. Avatar
    Kerry Trumble Reply

    Say done done and done!…..your magazine looks great!……I have pretty much been making scrapbooks all my life….I wish I had some of my first ones ……I made my first “real” scrapbook when I was 15…..joined in on the scrapbooking movement in 1997… into journaling/scrapbooking in travelers journals, etc…..

  33. Avatar

    I am a new subscriber on YouTube! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize! I would more than like this!!

  34. Avatar

    Done….just bought the latest issue last night,. Can’t wait to curl up and read it…

  35. Avatar
    Jaime Spyksma Reply

    I’ve been a faithful reader ever since CSM begun! I love all the inspiration and techniques you share each issue!

  36. Avatar
    Diane Gibbons Reply

    Done … even though it’s actually Thursday but I only just saw the notification so I thought I would give it a try anyway

  37. Avatar
    Michelle Belliveau Reply

    DONE! I would LOVE to win a year of your magazine! My crafty ladies all “scraplift” from your amazing pages!

  38. Avatar
    Gabriela de Austin Reply

    Say done!
    Hi, I love it, first time I learn about this new ink in black and white card papel. Very versatil!

  39. Avatar
    Karen Meyer Reply

    DONE! What an inspirational magazine. I’ve been scrapbooking/cardmaking for about 18 years and I find myself always hungry for new ideas and the inspiration from others that enjoy this creative avenue. Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize! ~Karen

  40. Avatar
    Kim Klinkovsky Reply

    With most of the printed craft magazines closing, I don’t get any delivered anymore. I miss that. And would love to get your magazine. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Avatar
    Cindy Mistler Reply

    I hope I win. I am a beginner scrapbooking and paper crafting enthusiast! I have been collecting supplies and now I NEED the inspiration!! <3

  42. Avatar
    Patricia Allison Reply

    Done! Wish you were going to be at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton this weekend! Your make and takes are always awesome, and it is so nice to visit with your staff. 😊

  43. Avatar
    patricia Zukowski Reply

    Done DONE DONE Love your Magazine and have followed it for years ever since I took a scrapbooking class in Calgary. at a convention there .

  44. Avatar
    Janet Trim Reply

    Say Done. I would love to win a one year subscription for Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.
    Such great ideas and helpful hints in this magazine.
    Thank you for a chance to win this great prize.

  45. Avatar

    Registration , fallow and subscribe done thank you for this wonderful contest.

  46. Avatar
    Shelley Prain Reply

    Done! There is something about having a magazine in my own hands that I love to flip through while having tea. Thanks for the chance.

  47. Avatar
    Julie Buzanko Reply

    DONE! Been a subscriber for years but winning a free year would be wonderful! 😊

  48. Avatar

    Already following. Would love to have a year’s subscription.

  49. Avatar

    I was just talking about your magazine on my YT Channel
    RTS Scrapbooking!
    Thank you!!