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Hello everyone, Cathie Allan here today on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog playing with Dare 2B Artzy!
While demoing and doing make’n takes in the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine booth in  Dallas at the Stamp & Scrap Expo I had the absolute pleasure to meet Cindy Sartain, owner of Dare 2B Artzy, stamps, dies & stencils. Their booth was directly across from ours &  oh, my goodness …. I fell in love at first sight with her products.  Of course, I had to bring some home to introduce her stamps to my ink 🙂
I have created 2 awesome quick & easy cards using two of her sets and one of her stencils. I kept the techniques so simple & fun that if you follow my articles in the fabulous, quarterly book,  “Creative Scrapbooker Magazine” (you know it is “way” past  “just” a magazine) you will probably know how I  achieved these cards.
With the first one …. my daughter, Leah’s birthday card, I kept the images quite pristine. Scrapbook Layout featuring Dare 2B Artzy Stamps designed by Cathie Allan
The background was created using the Dare 2B Artzy “Wild Flower” stencil & the antique pewter section of the Home, pigment petal point from Clearsnap ColorBox and then the peacock & the harbor section of the Boardwalk, pigment petal point, creating an ombre look. Yes, I used my Clearsnap ColorBox stylus and white foam tips to apply the color and blend them “seamlessly” into each other. I needed the antique pewter because that was the color of the shirt Leah was wearing and of course the blues were for her gorgeous, blue eyes. Custom made background for this great photo of her.Stamped background for a layout using a Dare 2B Artzy stencil and Clearsnap ColorBox Pigment ink
I stamped the funky daisy image from the Embrace set in Clearsnap ColorBox Blue Iris, Fluid Chalk Ink. This “blended” ink is a blend of pigment & die inks, giving it the resilience of pigment ink and the quicker drying abilities of dye & beautiful detail.Ecstasy Crafts Cathie Allan Stamp Positioner I did this in my Cathie Allan, Position-It2 from Ecstasy Crafts so that after I watercolour it with my water brush using the colors from my Boardwalk petal point, I could re-stamp my detail back in:). Ecstasy Crafts Cathie Allan Stamp Positioner, Clearsnap ColorBox ink and Dare 2B Artzy StampYES, you can gently iron on this board to set your ink. Simply place a piece of a heat resistant, craft sheet between your project and your baseboard and iron in quick, short bursts. I do this after I watercolor with my pigment ink as we know that pigment ink is like the “oil paint” of stamping mediums and it has a longer open time but “ironing” it sets it immediately.  Notice the large clear handle that is attached to the left side is also my palette to pick up my pigment ink for watercoloring.

By the way ….. not only can you “gently heat set” on your baseboard of the Cathie Allan, Position-It2 but this “repositioner” is also a “positioner” (a tool that you can use to “position your stamps” exactly where you want an image to appear on your project) AND it can be used with clear stamps, cling stamps AND wood handled stamps. This tool does not discriminate. Using this tool simply opens you up to so many more possibilities/techniques with your stamps than any tool on the market. It is a multi-tasking “stamping genius” 🙂 Ecstasy Crafts Cathie Allan Stamp Positioner and Dare 2B Artzy StampMy “Live What You Love” card requires the same Dare 2B Artzy “Wild Flower” stencil and the Pigment Paintbox, called Love.  I “heltered, skeltered” color thru the stencil with my Clearsnap ColorBox stylus, layering one color over the other to begin my background and then using a stylus, a white foam tip and Clear, Top Boss I blended the colors beautifully together. Stenciled background featuring Dare 2B Artz Stencil and Clearsnap ColorBox inkI used the heart images from the Hearts & Swirls set, stamping with the antique pewter, section of this stamp pad. I then loaded my stylus with Clearsnap ColorBox clear Top Boss and “pushed/ smeared” the images into the background Stenciled background featuring Dare 2B Artz Stencil, stamps and Clearsnap ColorBox inkI created a second panel and then after stamping the large, daisyized” heart in black pigment ink & ironing to set I used my craft knife to cut out portions of the image. The ribbon was added and “ta-da” a gorgeous card! Scrapbook Card  featuring Dare 2B Artzy Stamps designed by Cathie AllanThese 2 sets and this stencil is going to get “so much use”.  The creative part of my brain has so very, many plans for them 🙂 Dare 2B Artzy Stamps and Stencil
Of course, I spotted a few other sets that I had to have and I when I am at another Scrap & Stamp Expo I will be adding even more of their stencils, stamps and dies to my 40-year-old collection. The “stamper in me” will not be able to be contained ….. or I will get them from “Scrapbooking Fanatics” in St. Albert, Alberta as Sandy has plans to bring them in. Whoo hoo!

Happy Stamping Everyone!

Cathie Allan headshot for Creative Scrapboooker Magazine
Cathie Allan

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  1. Teresa Cowx Reply

    Hi Kathy. Love the stencil technique. Thanks so much for sharing.

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