WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Diane Leigh – this week’s lucky winner!

Why Not Win Wednesday is here! YAHOOO!  This week we have partnered up with the wonderful gals from American Crafts to give one lucky follower this fabulous prize package filled with Kelly Creates products!
It is a Kelly Creates Giveaway folks!Kelly Creates Giveaway - Prize Package

One lucky person will be receiving this AWESOME prize package that includes

  • 6 X 8 Galaxy Paper Pad
  • Stamping Ink and Block Kit
  • Small Stamp Bouncy Month Set
  • Large Stamp Bouncy Phrases Set
  • 8 ½ X 11 Blank Paper Pad
  • 8 ½ X 11 Lined Paper Pad
  • Multicolor Fineliner Pens
  • Metallic Colored Pencils
  • Blending Pen Kit

To enter to win

1. Visit Kelly Creates on Facebook – CLICK HERE –  Like and follow their page. Tell them CSM sent you!
2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

You have until Friday, May 17th at midnight to enter to win!

Good luck!

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  1. Eleanor Williams Reply

    What a wonderful prize package. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! I love Kelly Creates so much. This would be the best prize! Thanks for the chance

  3. Lisa Jolley Reply

    Would love to try some of Kelly’s products and up my lettering game!!

  4. Ohh! I would love to win this . Have loved Kelly’s work for a long time. I still have the sheet of paper she wrote my name on at Scrapbook Carnival

  5. WOW what an amazing prize. I would love to give this to my 14 year old daughter as a year end school gift. She is killing it in Grade 9, her first year of High School!!!

    • I have a Kelly Creates workbook. Excited to win a bundle of goodies to add to my treasure! Really hard to find Kelly Creates items here in Singapore!!!

  6. Caroline Hankins Reply

    Yay! I would love to win this prize. Thanks for offering a fun giveaway. 🙂

  7. Caroline Hankins Reply

    Yay! I would love to win this prize package. Thanks for offering a fun giveaway. 🙂

  8. I ABSOLUTELY love everything Kelly Creates!! What an incredible giveaway!! 🙌🏻♥️

    • Hello! This is great! What a wonderful opportunity. I Love Kelly’s products!

  9. I’m just starting to learn calligraphy for bullet journaling and card making for my Mom. I absolutely love Kelly’s products ! This would be a dream to win 🙂

  10. I love CSM! And I also love Kelly Creates. ❤️ What a great giveaway!

  11. Laurie Black Reply

    I love everything in this prize package! thanks for the chance to win

  12. Jennifer Morris Reply

    Her products are so wonderful! This is a fabulous package! I’m in!🤗

  13. Joa Waehlte Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity. A great way to try the products.

  14. Donna Dalusong Reply

    I hope i can get the chance to win this awesome prize.. so excited to get any of those kelly’s products since I still don’t get one.. Hope to win. Thank you and God bless.. -From Philippines with Love

  15. Shelley Hunt Reply

    I LOVE Kelly Creates products. Liked and followed…… Please please please……….

  16. Julia Valverde Salgado Reply

    I love all Kelly’s materials.. She has helped me a lot to improve my skills with her online groups…

  17. Tammy Ziolkowski Reply

    Absolutely LOVE Kelly’s products and would love to win this!!

  18. Is this valid for international followers too? I’m in Australia and find it so hard to get her products xx

  19. Laura Graham Reply

    Kelly is a wonderful teacher. I’ took a class with her a few months ago and am really enjoying practicing. This is an exciting prize package!

  20. Laura I Gonzlaez Reply

    Always happy to share my Lettering pieces within this wonderful community! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed and THANK YOU for such a fantastic opportunity and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

  21. Oh wow. What an amazing prize. I took a class with Kelly last year, just amazing.

  22. Ana Melchor Reply

    This would be the opportunity I need to write like Kelly. Thank you for the hope of possibly winning.

  23. I have loved Kelly creates stuff for forever! Would love to win this., but if someone else gets picked, I am so excited for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this package, it is wonderful.

  24. Cindy Plourde Reply

    This is an awesome prize package. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  25. Elsa Garrett Reply

    So excited about this giveaway. Would be a great way to get my feet wet in the world of lettering.

  26. Brenda Trejo Reply

    Great giveaway! I live in Mexico City, so I hope I’m eligible to win.


  27. I would love to win this! I took one of Kelly’s classes and it was awesome!

  28. What a great prize and I’ve always wanted to try this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. David Smith Reply

    Thank you for the great giveaway. My wife and daughter would love this.

  30. Monica Hayward Reply

    Wow, this is an amazing prize pack! So many new things to try and to create with!

  31. Deedra Lonquist Reply

    I have been following Kelly for years! I have been dying to try her products! Can’t wait!

  32. Neeta Budhraja Reply

    Wow.. so many things for giveaway…
    Thank you so much..
    I would love to have these will be one of my dreams come true..

  33. Joan St-Gelais Reply

    En ce beau mercredi, pourquoi pas moi la future gagnante de ce beau cadeau. Je suis une super fan de Kelly Create, j’ai plusieurs produits déjà… et je participe activement dans le groupe de Facebook. Alors choisissez moi, j’en serais tellement heureuse. I will be very grateful to win that mervellous gift. Excuse my english, but I do my best! xxooxx

  34. Melissa Wick Reply

    Thank you for your generosity. Someone will be very blessed to receive this prize package.

  35. I need this soooo bad i love writting and havnt had much time with work and family it was rhe only time i get for “me time” i miss it 😢

  36. Maureen Ellis Reply

    This is my absolute favorite prize package! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I already follow Kelly on Facebook and instagram! I would love to try her pens !

  38. So excited for the opportunity to win this prize. It will be an introduction for me too the art of hand lettering. I am practicing and trying with the tools that I have, and I know that I will be able to do even better with these amazing tools.

  39. I love her pens and would love to try out everything In this prize package! Thanks for a chance to win!

  40. Vanessa Holgado Reply

    Im writing from Peru, I’ve just started my lettering classes and I’m so happy because lettering for me is a hobby and a complement for my career.
    PD. I Love all the tools of kelly creates, the package is just wonderful!

  41. Tanisha Keeling Reply

    Great Win it Wednesday Giveaway! Kelly Creates is so talented and creative. Thank you for the chance to win.

  42. Omgosh what a wonderful gift this would be for my advancement on my journey in calligraphy !! Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win !!

  43. Ive been a member of kelly’s fb group and it really help me a lot in my calligraphy journey. Thanks for this wonderful chance to win her products because it is not available here in malaysia. Because of you, id have hopes that i can finally try her amazing products!

    Thank you!

  44. Annalisa BergalloBer Reply

    Hello from Italy! I’m a midwife and I would use this prize for write and colour the breastfeeding room of St.Anna Hospital, in Turin,so… pick me and I’ll send you photos of our beautiful work for mothers and babies! 😉 With love,

  45. Angela Lunn Reply

    What a fab prize pack! Thank you for the awesome chance to win!

  46. This prize is absolutely AMAZING!!! 🤩 Would love practicing my lettering with all of these.
    Thank you for the opportunity Kelly & CSM. 💗

  47. What an amazing prize! I am just getting into lettering so I would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. Debbie Siddle Reply

    Oh, yes please. What a great prize! Thank you for the chance to win xxx

  49. Janet Wright Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing package! I love watching Kelly write and draw!

  50. This would be wonderful to win! I have always wanted to learn how to write so beautifully!

  51. I’ve been following Kelly for about 16 months and she’s amazing ! Her small brush pens are miraculous.

  52. What a fabulous prize package. Sure would love to win it so my girls and I can create this Summer!

  53. I’m a newbie and finding new blogs is always exciting! Thank you for the opportunity!

  54. I really would love to win this package! Love watching Kelly Creates videos on Facebook!

  55. Cindy Macias Reply

    Beautiful set, I was introduced to this creative writing technique but never caught on. Thank you for this opportunity! Love watching her tutorials!

  56. What an amazing giveaway as per usual. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. Thank you for adding a little inspiration to me daily. I love your magazine.

  58. Michelle Lowes Reply

    Such an amazing Giveaway!! I would Love to win some Kelly Creates products! Her brush pens are amazing!

  59. Awesome! Kelly’s work is so beautiful, and great selection of products. 🙂

  60. I was lucky enough to participate in a 2-day workshop with Kelly in February, here in Germany.
    She shared her gift with us and gave us tips alongway that were sometimes of topic. Plus she was generous in letting us try her products which I can only recommend.
    Still I did not purchase as many as I wanted. This gift would be a nice addition to my collection.
    The blanko pad and blending kit I would give to my lovely step-daughter. We share the love for hand lettering <3

  61. Wow! That is a wonderful prize package. I would love to win this to go with my other Kelly Creates things I have.

  62. Carmen Baird Reply

    What an amazing prize pack! I’ve been trying my hand at calligraphy. It’s tough being a south paw but I shall persevere. Kelly’s practice sheets are fantastic.

  63. Alyssa Muniz Reply

    Such a fun way to start a Wednesday!! Seen this on the Kelly Creates Facebook page and so glad I clicked the link and found this website, so much fun stuff on here!!

    • Kelly Kennedy Reply

      Forgot to add, since today is my birthday, this would be a terrific gift for me!

  64. Erin Murphy-Thompson Reply

    Oh, I love these pens and workbooks 😍 i have the lower case book for large brush pens and I love it.

  65. I would love to win this! Fingers crossed! Kelly’s work is beautiful!

  66. That’s so funny that I already follow her on Facebook! So excited! I love her products!

  67. I have been sick and in and out of the hospital for about a year now. I am unable to work so crafting is what keeps me going. I don’t know where I would be without the ability to create through this tough time. I would love to win some goodies to keep on crafting!

  68. I LOVE Kelly Creates products! For anyone looking to learn brush lettering, be sure to follow Kelly on Facebook (she does great, FREE Bootcamps from time to time) and follow her YouTube channel where she posts a ton of quick tutorials that won’t overwhelm you.

  69. sharon gullikson Reply

    I would like to try these out. My handwriting is HORRIBLE, so I have a lot to learn.

  70. Tammy L Davis Reply

    What a fun prize package! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  71. Love you guys, you always make Wednesday as day to look forward to. Thank you!

  72. wow, so many people applied already, I would love that package, who ever wins is lucky person and do grate things with it.

  73. Kathy Schuer Reply

    Wow, fabulous prize package. Love Kelly Creates. Thank you for even the chance to win.

  74. Elizabeth El Bensaidi Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! This is an awesome giveaway!!

  75. Julia Bueckert Reply

    Thank you for sharing such great prizes! Looking for ward to winning!

  76. Wow, thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize pack!

  77. Kendell White Reply

    Already follow Kelly Creates – she is so talented! I recently did her brush lettering boot camp and would love to win some more things to practice with! Thank you ❤️

  78. CSM sent me to her page but I already “like” and “follow” her! It would be a wonderful prize to win!

  79. I would love to win this giveaway. I’m a teacher—I would use this stash to practice and create over the summer!

  80. Awesome!!! Haven’t tried the coloured pencils but I know from learning with Kelly’s other products they’re going to be awesome to work with!!

  81. Mary Brockhoff Reply

    What a great giveaway and thank you for partnering up with American Crafts.
    There are so many great items in the giveaway.

  82. What a fabulous giveaway! I am learning to brush letter with Kelly’s workbooks and pens and absolutely love them.

  83. I love Kelly’s products! This is a lovely chance to make even more beautiful things.

  84. What a great prize package!! This could help get the creative juices flowing!!

  85. Kelly’s products are great. I especially appreciate the ~ that Mark’s where I should hold my pen!

  86. Kelly’s products are great. I especially appreciate the ~ that Mark’s where I should hold my pen!

  87. Kendal Harrod Reply

    I’m so excited about the opportunity to enter this giveaway!! 💕 God bless!!

  88. What a great prize…. thanks for the chance to win. Good luck to everyone.

  89. gwendolyn Vanarsdale Reply

    I love Kelly Creates and would love to win this package to help me be more creative and work on my penmanship

  90. Oooo!! I’m so excited – I just love anything and everything Kelly Creates! 🙂

  91. Thank you for the opportunity! It is a dream to write and pratice with Kelly Creates pens! Good luck!!

  92. Thank you for the opportunity! It is a dream to write and pratice with Kelly Creates pens! Good luck ☺️

  93. Amazing price patrol
    Kelly is so much a great teacher in art lettering !! Love them all

  94. Derin Thompson Reply

    How I’d love to win this amazing pkg. I love your products.

  95. Derin Thompson Reply

    How I’d love to win this amazing pkg. I enjoy your products. As does my dog!

  96. What a fabulous package for your giveaway. I would be thrilled to be chosen!

  97. Such an amazing prize. I would love this as I’m only starting out and it would save me a lot of money. Thank you. Best of luck to everyone X X X X

  98. germaine fryc Reply

    Another great giveaway!! That would be a nice belated Mother’s Day gift!! Thanks, CSM.

  99. Scrappin’ Diva - Cindy B Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize!

  100. I would so love to win this package!! I love Kelly and all of her products!!

  101. Shelly Argue Reply

    What a great prize! it would be great to win this package!! Thank you

  102. OMG, what an amazing prize!! Thank you for hosting the giveaway, CSM.

  103. I am about to start an Etsy store and this would be such a blessing! ❤️

  104. Christine Irvine Reply

    What an amazing prize pack!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. ❤️ Kelly Creates! This package is amazing! My mind is flooded with all of the creative ideas I could create with these goodies!

  106. Karen Stewart Reply

    Thanks Creative Scrapbooker for another great prize package !!!

  107. Karen Stewart Reply

    Thank you Creative Scrapbooker for another amazing prize package. The winner will have lots of happy hours of crafting !!!

  108. Kelly’s talent with pens and humour capturing IG moments with her pooch Finn bring a smile to my face. Thanks Kelly!

  109. This is an awesome giveaway and such a great way to find your site for the first time!

  110. What an amazing page and giveaway.
    Would love to win this pleaseee
    Thank you for the chance you wonderful people.

  111. Wow – wonderful prize from Kelly Creates. This would be so much fun to play with.
    Thanks CSM for another amazing Why Not Win It Wednesday.

  112. Trina St Michael Reply

    Would love to win. I have tagged my friend Deanna on your Facebook post.

  113. Trina St Michael Reply

    Love Kelly creates. Would love to win. I have tagged my friend Deanna on your Facebook post.

  114. Ruby Marchand Reply

    Great prize pack.Thanks to the sponsor and you for a great gift pack.

  115. Maggie Dowdy Reply

    So excited to enter! Kelly’s work is so creative and beautiful! I love watching her videos!

  116. Vicky Dosch Reply

    What an awesome package. I would love to have it. I recently got my first Creative Scrapbooker magazine and I love it.

  117. Vicky Dosch Reply

    What an fabulous package. I would love to win it, of course. I recently received my first Creative Scrapbooker magazine and I love it.

  118. Gail Podhorodecki Reply

    Another generous prize package. Thanks for your inspiration and keep up the good work.

  119. Susan Carlson Reply

    Kelly Creates products are awesome! Great giveaway! I don’t have most of these do I am hopeful for a new creative stash! Thanks CSM & Kelly Creates!

  120. Awesome give away, would love to play with all of the great prizes!!

  121. Wow! What a fantastic prize package. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  122. Learning how to brush letter. Love to be creative!
    Thanks for the contest to get better.

  123. Wow thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize. I love the new galaxy paper pad… and would love to win that and all the other goodies from them…

  124. Mindy Kammerdiener Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity! I love Kelly Creates products!

  125. I’m taking Kellys class in June at Treasured Memories in Edmonton. We had a great time at her last class. It’d be fun to come with all her treasures😊 Thank you for the opportunity!

  126. Wear an awesome package. Would really live to try Kelly’s writing techniques. Thank you.

  127. Just looove kelly and you guys!!! Thanks for the awesome goodies available!!!

  128. Katheryn Easley Reply

    I love all of my Kelly Creates product. But I especially love Kelly…she is just the sweetest person.

  129. Thank you for this nice giveaway, I hope so much I win it 😁😍

  130. Thank you so much for a chance to win this fantastic prize. I will be honoured!

  131. Linda Callander Reply

    This is an awesome prize! thanks for the opportunity
    Love love love the galaxy paper pad!!

  132. Thank you for an opportunity to win this generous prize. How exciting.

  133. This is an awesome prize. I’d love to win it but if not congrats to whoever does. 🙂

  134. Krystal Ryan Reply

    This looks awesome!! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway

  135. Debra Parminter Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize package!

  136. Tracey Anderton Reply

    What an awesome bundle.
    Would be so cool to win!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  137. What a wonderful and fun giveaway. Love her products and enjoy see her work. Thanks for the chance.

  138. TracyM #6773 Reply

    I would love to make my mark with these goodies!
    Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  139. Victoria Borches Reply

    Awesome prize! Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  140. Victoria Borches Reply

    Awesome prize! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!!!

  141. Wow!! Love this brand, excited!! Thanks for the opportunity to win

  142. Oh this is just the most beautiful prize! Imagine the lovely things that can be created with these!!! Love love love!!!

  143. Wow…Kelly Creates never disappoints…wondering gift pack. I would be so happy to win it!

  144. Kemberlei J. Reply

    This is a wonderful prize package! Thank you for the opportunity to win these products. Good luck to everyone!

  145. I love love your products! I love the colors and quality of your products! Thank you!

  146. Sharon chan Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win … keeping my fingers crossed !!

  147. Oh wow somebody is going to be doing a happy dance 💃💃 when they are chosen as the lucky winner, hopefully that will be me! 😍 I absolutely love Kelly’s hand writing she is so very talented.
    Thankyou for the chance to win this FABULOUS giveaway. 💃💃💃? (Will it be me 😍) x

  148. Lucero Hernandez Reply

    How exciting to get a chance to win some of Kelky’s products ❤️

  149. Adrienne West Reply

    How fun! The Kelly Creates line is AMAZING – thanks for a chance to win some new toys 😉

  150. OMG what an amazing giveaway, can’t wait to win it 😱🙏🏻😊😍♥️🎉🖌🎨

  151. Kathy Dippner Reply

    Fabulous prize package! I just bought one of her books and pen sets to start learning and practicing lettering. Would be awesome to add to my new collection!

  152. I’m falling in love with such beautiful work. I want to learn everything I can. It fills my soul!

  153. Konnie Kranenburg Reply

    What a fabulous prize! Thank you for the chance CSM and Kelly!

  154. I am so excited about this prize pack and would be thrilled if I won it!!!

  155. This is an awesome give away ! Thanks for this gift ! I hope I’ll have the chance to win it.

  156. This is an awesome give away ! Thanks a lot for this oportunity ! I hope i’ll be lucky enough to win it

  157. I love crafting of any kind and I love it when it’s with my BFF Barb Kach.Lets do this together. I miss her .

  158. Thank you for the chance to win! I love the large brush pens and would love to win this!!

  159. Would love to be able to create like Jackie! What a great prize to start learning with.

  160. Wow! What an awesome pkg. This would be a wonderful help to bring life to my scrapbooking 😊

  161. I really want to learn her technique so this prize would be perfect.

  162. Rebeca Sibaja Reply

    Thanks for sharing your supplies. They could be well used by me and my 13 year old daughter that is learning the art of calligraphy and very excited!

  163. I have been watching her videos and hope to take her class at the upcoming Expo

  164. Love these products. Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  165. Thanks for the chanceto win this awesome gift. Keep up the good work ❤

  166. Love your creative stuff. Especially stamps. I would love a chance to win

  167. Emily Velasquez Reply

    OMG i’ve been looking these products over for the longest of time

  168. Susana Leon Reply


    I already have the Art of Brush Lettrring from Kelly it would be a dream to have thr hole set! Thanks a lot for the oportunity 😀


  169. Robin Bennett Reply

    That is an amazing prize package!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Maybe I can write pretty like that some day!

  170. WOW!!! I would love to win this kit…….Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!!!

  171. Mary Holshouser Reply

    My handwriting needs all the help it can get.
    thanks. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  172. Valerie Wareham Reply

    I love her products. I am learning to write like her product. Just love them.

  173. What a great give away! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win, I love it all.

  174. Murielle Gros Reply

    Hi, I already follow Kelly Creates Facebook. I discovered her with You Tube. I like Lettering and try to learn with some of the Kelly Create’s Brush pens.
    I’m curious and would be happy to try all these fabulous products.

    Murielle from France

  175. What a wonderful prize. I am very interested in calligraphy and am excited about the class I am taking in Puyallup at the end of the month.

  176. Brittanee Bentley Reply

    Such a wonderful prize!! Thank you much for the chance to win it!

  177. Kirsti Beate Amdal Reply

    If i am so lucky to win this package, i will cry! Cry really big happy tears😍

  178. Sondra Myers Reply

    This would be an awesome prize pkg to win!!!! Thanks the the chances to win!!!

  179. Love your magazine! Been subscribing for years! Would love to try calligraphy…

  180. Patricia Miller Reply

    Have a wonderful day! I sure would like to win here thank you for the opportunity!

  181. Sherri Kerst Reply

    Thank you for such a wonderful package you are putting up for grabs, would absolutely love to win.

  182. Deb Eastwood Reply

    I love Kelly Creates products. Thanks for the link to the Facebook page.

  183. Great contest! Would live to win for my homeschoolers who want to start making cards to sell! 🙂

  184. Just signed up for your newsletter. Can’t wait to read your ideas.

  185. Ronna MacCormack Reply

    Such a beautiful kit 💜. Thank you for the chance to win. Gorgeous colors – pens, pencils, and paper – to create with.

  186. This looks amazing! Would be a great addition to my craft cupboard, thanks for the opportunity!!!

  187. Jenny Namour Reply

    I LOVE these products!!!! Wow wow – winning this would be huge!! I am a wannabe Kelly Creates Lettering Master!

  188. Done! I have watch a few Kelly creates videos and she is amazing. This would make my month!!!

  189. What an awesome bundle. I have always wanted to learn how to do this!!

  190. I guess better late than never… I just joined .. I’m new to card making… there is so much to learn

  191. This is an amazing and generous giveaway – thank you for the opportunity and inspiration!

  192. I would so love to win and the 17th is my birthday! I have wanted to start doing but haven’t been able to invest in it yet.

  193. Jennifer F. Reply

    Fantastic prize giveaway filled with great products! Thank you for the chance.

  194. Bunny Tuchman Reply

    Thank you for always showing us what’s new, guiding us to fellow Scrapbookers, and their blogs or group pages on Facebook!
    Y’all are awesome!!

  195. Ginn