WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Marlee Craven – this week’s lucky winner!

Hello WEDNESDAY! AND a big hello to this fabulous prize package by Simple Stories – the Cruisin’ Collection! YAHOOO!!! This week the wonderful people over at Simple Stories will be giving one of our lucky followers this CRUISIN hot collection! Giggle Giggle! We want YOU to win!Cruisin' Collection by Simple Stories for Scrapbooking
To enter to win this contest

1. Visit Simple Stories on Facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
2.  Leave a comment right here under this blog post!

You have until Friday, June 14th at midnight to enter!
Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar

    Lovely give away. Am trying to get myself back to scrapbooking after taking a bit of a break and these papers would definitely help.

  2. Avatar

    Love this collection! Thanks for all the chances to win on Wednesdays!

  3. Avatar
    Cindy Plourde Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely prize. I love the distinct look of the colours and the way everything goes together !

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for such an awesome collection. Perfect timing. Leaving on an Eastern Carribbean cruise in 10 days. This collection will be perfect to document the memories. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  5. Avatar

    Would you believe I have 2 cruise vacations that I have never scrapbooked? This cute collection would sure help me to get motivated!

  6. Avatar

    I think this new CRUISIN line is beautiful! II can’t wait to play with it!

  7. Avatar
    Holly Mahoney Reply

    Love Simple Stories collections!! The Cruisin collection is fantastic. Keep bringing us great varieties of scrapbooking materials.

  8. Avatar

    Love this packet. Just got back from a cruise and the scrapbooking potential would be endless!!!!

  9. Avatar

    We went on a cruise for spring break and these papers would be fantastic

  10. Avatar

    Oooooo I love all the little bits. I would love to win and share with my cruisin’ friend.

  11. Avatar
    Bibiana Hassan Reply

    I would love to win this! I am going on my first cruise in December and this will be perfect for those memories!

  12. Avatar

    Fantastic papers and embellishments, I could use them for some great summer scrapbook pages.

  13. Avatar
    Tammy Ziolkowski Reply

    Simple Stories has done it again! Would LOVE to win this collection!

  14. Avatar
    Lynne Martel Reply

    I just happen to be going on a crafting cruise the end of August….

  15. Avatar
    Joanne Glasbergen Reply

    Hi there, your Wednesday giveaways are always awesome. This one looks wonderful!
    Thanks for doing this!

  16. Avatar
    Connie Campbell Reply

    Would love to win this prize. Going on a cruise in February and this Simple Stories package would come in handy!! LOL 😊😁😉

  17. Avatar

    Love Simple Stories…this is just too cute. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  18. Avatar

    Love Simple Stories supplies! Thank you for this opportunity! Well done gals, well done!

  19. Avatar

    Hello from North Alabama ….what a cute, cute Simple Stories kit…so perfect for my and my daughters recent cruse…cruisin’🚢

  20. Avatar
    Ruth Bleckinger Reply

    OOH I’d love to win this bundle and use for my cruise pictures from Alaska.

  21. Avatar

    So much fun! I’m going on a cruise in September! This would be an awesome win 🙂

  22. Avatar

    I a a huge Simple Stories fan – and I have a BUNCH of cruise photos that are NOT scrapped yet – I need this!!

  23. Avatar

    Love this! I am so heavily into my Disney pages and albums right now this collection with its colors and icons will fit right in.

  24. Avatar
    Marilyn Price Reply

    This paper & collection is really nice. Thanks for allowing us to win it. I can see many ways I can use it in my scrapbooks. Would love to win it!!!

  25. Avatar

    I really LOVE the collections created by Simple Stories. I also love the inspiration shared by Creative Scrapbooker magazine. Thanks everyone for the creativity! ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Avatar

    Love this “nauty” collection from Simple Stories! Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  27. Avatar
    Leslie Kiley Reply

    I am crazy excited about Simple Stories new collection. It is perfect for so many things that I am working on. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Avatar

    Love this, would fit perfectly with this year’s cruise and trip to PEI.

  29. Avatar
    Kelly Kennedy Reply

    Great collection to giveaway! It’s simply fantastic and a must have if you cruise!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Avatar

    What a great collection from Simple Stories! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Avatar

    I love a cute collection like this to give me inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Avatar

    Oh , I just love this fun collection! It would be great for masculine cards and layouts, or vacation mini albums. Thank you for the chance to win!

  33. Avatar
    Patricia Zukowski Reply

    Great to be able to win from Simple Stories . Thank you for the chance.

  34. Avatar

    This collection is so cool! It motivated me to dig out pictures from my first cruise ship vacation. Maybe I will finally scrapbook and journal those memories.

  35. Avatar
    Debbie Siddle Reply

    Yes please, I’m a huge seaside fan and this would be great for my scrapbooking as well as card making. xxxx

  36. Avatar

    Vacationing in Cape Cod this summer for the first time. These papers will be just perfect for my layouts!

  37. Avatar

    Love the Simple Stories Cruising line. Cant wait to use it for a cruise! Thanks for offering another great prize.

  38. Avatar
    Debbie Dussault Reply

    As usual, another great prize for a lucky winner!! Thank you for the chance to win, CSM!! 🙂

  39. Avatar

    This is fabulous!! Love the magazine!! Was so happy to find one that’s actually in print form. Love holding it in my hands!!

  40. Avatar
    Cynthia Poritz Reply

    Gonna take a cruise in August, this paper would work wonderfully

  41. Avatar

    Such cute, bright papers. Just in time for my upcoming cruise. I love it!

  42. Avatar

    I would love to win this, I have a cruise trip that I need to scrap. Thanks!!

  43. Avatar
    Lorraine Melin Reply

    Love Simple Stories and this line is perfect for a cruise mini!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks, CS for the great prize package!

  44. Avatar
    Marie gilliam Reply

    Thus us amazing, I need this today to scrap my daughter’s cruise!

  45. Avatar
    Rhonda McKenzie Reply

    Hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine!!
    I love this Crusin Collection from Simple Stories!!
    I have to have this for our last cruise just starting to work on Scrapbooking it!!
    Thank you for this opportunity to win such a Great Prize!!

  46. Avatar

    Thank your for the Opportunity to win. Looking forward to seeing you at the Chantilly Scrapbooking Expo. I am a little behind on my scrapbooking and want to get back into it.

  47. Avatar

    What a great collection! I have 2 cruises that need scrapping, so it would be wonderful to win!

  48. Avatar

    What a wonderful set! Would be thrilled to win! See you in KC, MO at the expo. 😃

  49. Avatar
    Cindy Sutherland Reply

    So adorable! I could really use this for my upcoming vacation pix!

  50. Avatar

    What a fun Collection! Simple Stories always has the best collections for all your scrapbooking and cardmaking ! Just love them! <3

  51. Avatar

    I love the Creative Scrapbooker magazine. There is so much information and ideas for layouts.

  52. Avatar
    Jenell Mueller Reply

    Hello, thank you for the opportunity to win this is an awesome set. Congrats to the Blues fans, love my team!!!!

  53. Avatar

    I love your magazine it’s always filled with inspiration and techniques!

  54. Avatar
    Serenity Murtagh Reply

    Gorgeous!!! This would help with the stack of cruise pictures just waiting to be embellished!!

  55. Avatar

    I love the paperline, it would be awesome for my hubby’s days working on the cruise ships.

  56. Avatar

    I have been ‘eyeing’ these Simple Stories products through
    We have gone on a few Cruises….and this would be perfect for the next
    trip we take!! Love It!

  57. Avatar
    Geralyn Johnson Reply

    I am just getting started in scrapbooking. So far I haven’t found a series with colors that I like. I love the colors in this Simple Stories pack. I will be looking for more.

    Geralyn Johnson

  58. Avatar
    Elizabeth Gonzalez Reply

    Wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!

  59. Avatar
    Karen Stewart Reply

    Love, love, love this prize package and have been daydreaming about the awesome vacation pages I could scrapbook !!!

  60. Avatar

    I could so enjoy winning right about now … its been unsettled weather, wondered if my basil was sun burnt – no frost got it! Its June people! My husband and I are involved in Scouts – have been to so many camps and outings – time for a break! Maybe I COULD WIN and lock myself away in the basement and craft away the hours!!!? Oh the endless possibilities …..

    • Avatar

      This would be wonderful! I can think of so many fun things to do with these.😊 Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Avatar
    Jennifer DuPrey Reply

    Love this!!! Would live to use it for my Disney cruise I took 5 years ago.

  62. Avatar
    LeeAnne Schroeder Reply

    Another amazing paper collection from SS. I love how everything is so coordinated.

  63. Avatar

    This would be wonderful! I can think of so many fun things to do with these.😊 Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Avatar
    Michele Redding Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this paper pack! I am actually working on scrapping my cruise pictures!

  65. Avatar

    What a beautiful collection….the colours are so striking!! Thx for the opportunity 😊

  66. Avatar
    Elaine McDonald Reply

    Lovely set to scrap my travel photos. Love to cruise ans scrap

  67. Avatar

    I think I already left a comment, but here’s another one. I just love the red for my Disney Cruise.

  68. Avatar
    Lori A. Geise Reply

    I’ve decided, I need to subscribe because I want to physically hold Creative Scrapbooking in my hot little hands.

  69. Avatar

    Oh this collection is so beautiful! I was on my first time cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in March. My friend that was traveling with me ended up getting sick a week before our trip, so I ended up going by myself. Had and awesome time and this collection would be great to win 😀

  70. Avatar

    Great giveaway. I have a room full of cruise pictures. This would be great

  71. Avatar

    I love Simple Stories and we just took a cruise so this prize would be perfect!

  72. Avatar
    Judy Rollins Reply

    Love and need this to get my cruise pictures in a scrapbook.
    Thanks for all the goodies you share. Good luck everyone.

  73. Avatar
    Leanne Balfour Reply

    Looks like a fabulous collection! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  74. Avatar
    Natalie Dionne Reply

    OMG! This collection would be just perfect for my cruise albums! This prize is just wonderful!

  75. Avatar
    Beverley Watson Reply

    Oh my what wonderful paper. I know most people scrapbook their cruise but if I win my husband will have to take me on a cruise because I have paper to scrapbook it with.

  76. Avatar

    Simple Stories is my FAV scrapbook / paper company!! I’m Going on two different cruises. I would love to win!

  77. Avatar

    Oh my gosh!!! Love cruising, I have done together with my family over 15!!! This cruisin collection is beautiful!!! I have been scrapbooking for 20 years now and this is beautiful, I have to have it!!!! LOL

  78. Avatar
    Manon Haché-McNeil Reply

    What a wonderful prize! Would love to win this to make an album! Good luck to you all.

  79. Avatar
    Wendy Von-Niessen Reply

    Thanks for providing such great opportunities to try new products and support various companies 😎🌞🤩

  80. Avatar
    Sheri Mazell Reply

    I would love to win this to scrapbook our cruise we took a few years ago. Thank you for the opportunity.

  81. Avatar
    Marlee Craven Reply

    Thank you so much Simple Stories and CSM for the opportunity to win this amazing prize!! 🙌🏻
    I love EVERY SINGLE SS collection and this would be a great addition for my upcoming projects 😍

  82. Avatar

    I LOVE this line!! I can not wait to put my Disney Crusie pictures on it! I want to stock up and have a stash to scrap my next cruise on too!!! This is the best Simple Stories line in a while & I love it!!

  83. Avatar

    Would love to win this, going on my first crafting cruise this fall!

  84. Avatar

    Fun paper, my husband has just retired and we are looking at travelling. Cruising may be in store. 😊

  85. Avatar

    Really would love to get a subscription! Love this collection. It will make beautiful pages!

  86. Avatar

    My friends just introduced me to this wonderful activity and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to learn more & do more.

  87. Avatar

    Awesome collection for this summer s adventure s. Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Avatar
    Cynthia Wiliams Reply

    Love, Love, Love this cruise collection. We’re going on a 4th of July cruise to celebrate my husband’s 4th of July birthday. These colors are perfect!

  89. Avatar
    Cynthia Wiliams Reply

    Beautiful cruise collection. We’re going on a 4th of July cruise to celebrate my husband’s 4th of July birthday. These colors are perfect!

  90. Avatar
    Cynthia Wiliams Reply

    Beautiful cruise collection. We’re going on a 4th of July cruise to celebrate my husband’s 4th of July birthday. These colors are perfect!

  91. Avatar
    Glenda Thorne Reply

    OH WOW! love anything Simple Stories. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!!

  92. Avatar
    Louise Bourbonnais Reply

    Done and ‘Thx’ again CSM for the chance to win such a great prize from wonderful sponsors!

  93. Avatar
    Katherine Spencer Reply

    Absolutely LOVE Creative Scrapbooker magazine and excited for a chance to win such a great prize!!!

  94. Avatar

    I have always been keen on a cruise. Why not start with this inspirational paper package to get into the right mood? Such a nice prize.

  95. Avatar
    Ruby Marchand Reply

    This collection is bright and perfect for our Disney photos. Thanks for the chance to win.