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How to organize Quick Quotes inks at home or for travel with Totally-Tiffany
Do you love QQ PP inks?  I love mine.  They’re so easy to use and they always seem to have just the right color.  If you’re looking for the perfect way to organize and store your Quick Quotes PowderPuff inks you’ve come to the right place.

Do you always, only, craft at home?
If so, you’ll love using a Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace for your inks.  The Pen & Ink Palace comes in two widths – 9″ and 15″. The 9″ Pen & Ink Palace will hold 25 Quick Quotes inks, the 15″ will hold 40.  Both sizes have the same pull out trays and there’s a lip on the back of each tray so your ink pads don’t fall off the back.  Learn more about the 15″ Pen & Ink Palace.  Learn more about the 9″ Pen & Ink Palace.

Do you sometimes travel and sometimes craft at home?
If so, you may want to keep one of our Buddy Bags close at hand for an easy “load and go” to a crafting event.  The 1.5″ Punch and Supply pack will hold up to 39 Quick Quotes ink pads.

Of course, you can also store your ink pads in one of these handy bags all the time.  They’re designed to be visible and accessible, lightweight and portable.

Here are a few suggestions
The 1.5″ Punch and Supply Pack Wendy Fetterly sent us this picture of her 1.5″ Punch and Supply pack loaded with inks.  A perfect rainbow of inks, 39 of them to be exact.  If you’re looking for a portable solution that will hold a bunch of inks, this is it.  Store this bag on its side, on a shelf, and you’ll have easy access to all of your inks.


Tall and skinny or short and thick?
That’s the first decision you’ll need to make if you want to store your QQ inks in one of our Buddy Bags.  The Irene, Gail, and Dawn Buddy Bags will each hold 16 inks.  Here’s what you need to know to choose the right bag for your crafty ways.
Clockwise from the above left –

Irene is short and thick.  if you’re planning on storing her in a drawer or on a shallow shelf she’ll serve your well.
Gail is long and thin.  If you want to drop her into your tote you can put her in vertically, so her handle is at the top.  She’ll be easy to pull out when you’re ready to use her.
Dawn is tall and thin like Gail, but she has 4 interior boxes, whereas Gail only has one.  The boxes make 16 inks a little more snug, not quite as easy to pull in and out as Gail.  Dawn is a great choice if you want to mix and match what’s store in each of her 4 sections. For instances, she’ll also hold adhesives, Colorbox inks, Gelatos and more. So, if you want to take a variety of products with you to your craft events, she’ll get the job done. If you like the shape of a Punch Pack, but have fewer inks than the 1.5″ will hold, try the 1″ Punch Pack instead.  One of the cool features of our Punch Packs is the removable tray. You can pull the tray all the way out of the bag for easy access to the inks at the bottom, and also use it to keep everything contained while you’re working with your inks.

Are you using one of our other products for organizing your Quick Quotes PowderPuff Inks?  If so, we’d love to hear about it, and please send us some pictures too!! CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.Prefer tall and thin, but have more than 16 inks?  Edna (above left) will hold 24 ink pads.  Her bigger sister, Leanne (above right) can be filled with 42 ink pads.  Leanne is a little more “beefy” designed to carry a heavier load, so while her top is clear, the sides of this bag are translucent.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Crafting!
Please do visit our website – Totally-Tiffany – to learn more.

Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

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