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If paper is your #1 organization challenge, scraps are probably #2.  To get you started WATCH this Scrap Management video.

There’s something about throwing scraps away at the end of a project that many of us struggle with.
Before I go any further, I want you to answer 1 question – “If you took time to scrapbook a little bit everyday for the rest of your life, would you ever run out of paper?”
I suspect the answer was uttered with a little bit of chuckle, a slight head shake, and a “Nnnno.”
So, why are you digging through boxes, folders, baskets…of scraps?  Use the paper you have, use the paper you love and stop spending your time searching for a tiny scrap of paper. I’m not saying you should throw away all your scraps, I’m just saying you should be more mindful of the scraps you choose to keep and what you do with them.
Three tips for organizing scrapsScrap Pieces of Patterned paper in the same size for Scrap Management tips and tricks by Totally-Tiffany
1 – Choose a minimum scrap size
When your project is complete, anything that doesn’t meet the minimum goes in the recycle bin. What is most useful to you 3×4, 4×6, 6×6, 12×6?Green pieces of patterned paper stored in a clear container by Totally-Tiffany for a Scrap Management tips and tricks.
2 – Store them so you can see them
Stack scraps largest to smallest so you can at least get a glimpse of what’s in your scrap stash.Sorting scraps of patterned paper into 4 sections - themes & sentiments, holidays & sentiments, calendar year, the rainbow - scrap management tips and tricks by Totally-Tiffany
3 – Organize your scraps by color, theme, or holiday
The easier it is to get to your scraps the more likely you are to use them.
Sort them using my 4 Section System –  Calendar year, Themes & Sentiments, Holidays & Seasons, the Rainbow.
Store your scraps with your full sheets of paper in the same categories.  You’ll only need to look in one place to find the paper you need.

Three solutions for organizing scraps
1 – The ScrapMaster
The ScrapMaster was designed with scrapbookers in mind.  This scrap “file” will fit perfectly into Paper Storage boxes, Paper Handlers or Fab Files.The ScrapMaster by Totally-Tiffany
Paper Storage Box                                                                    Paper Handler                                                           12X12 Fab File

ScrapMasters are made of clear plastic you’ll love how easy it is to see your scraps. 3 large pockets are perfect for bigger scraps – try using 1 pocket for solids, 1 for prints and 1 for patterns.  The 3 smaller interior pockets are gusseted to hold plenty of smaller scraps.

2 – Paper Pockets or Collection Keepers
 Paper Pockets and Collection Keepers will also fit into our standard 12×12 Paper Storage solutions – you can use them with either our Paper Storage Boxes or with our Paper Handlers. Paper pockets are just one large pocket, so dropping your scraps in by size is important for easy access later. Paper Pocket                                                                                                                         Collection Keeper

If you prefer a little more separation, the Collection Keeper is a perfect choice.  The Collection Keeper is double-sided.  1 large 12×12 pockets on the back and 3 smaller pockets on the front.  This is ideal for keep scraps together by “collection.”

3 – Pocket storage cards
These handy pockets and storage boxes were designed for storing Kiwi Lane templates, but they’ve become quite popular for scrap storage.  The pockets are available in 5 configurations.  Divide your scraps by size and create a simple filing system for scraps.  This is a popular option for crafters who prefer to keep a small scrap stash next to their die-cutting machines. Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little bit about how to manage your scraps.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below, I’ll do my best to get right back to you.  Need help organizing other crafting supplies?  Visit my website for tips, tricks, ideas, and products.

Happy Crafting,
Please do visit our website – Totally-Tiffany – to learn more.

Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

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