Hello Creative Scrapbookers! It’s been a while since we shared a creative space! I always find we have a lull over the fall and winter months. The days are shorter and the light not as good for picture taking, this seems to lead to less submissions! It’s also a time that we get busy with our carnivals, holidays and our Big 12 Twelve Days of Christmas give-always! All these things affect what we may be sharing on our blog. 

Over these months I have collected a few submissions and look forward to sharing some wonderful spaces! Today I am so happy to share Kim Henshaw’s creative space!Where You Create / Kim Henshaw

A big HELLO from Kim Henshaw in Louisa, Virginia!

Here are some photos of my scrapbook room.  For years, a few ladies would meet every month to scrapbook. I had an idea that needed approval from my husband, it meant adding a room! He took over and here are a few pictures of where the magic happens!

Where You Create / Kim Henshaw / Scrapbooking
What an amazing space to gather friends! Sign me up!

I even have a ladder that displays my Creative Scrapbooker Magazines!

Where You Create / Creative Scrapbooker Magazine / Kim Henshaw
You know we LOVE a Creative Scrapbooker Magazine display ladder!

Also there is an area that my Granddaughters,  Laney and Lexi enjoy! Where You Create / Kim Henshaw The room has hosted many scrapbookers of all ages!

Where You Create / Kim Henshaw / scrapbooking
Lots of visible storage ~ if you can see it, you can use it!
Where You Create / Kim Henshaw / scrapbooking storage
Love this big closet of shelves. Open for easy viewing of everything inside!

Please tell Katharina hello from Kim, the blue eyed lady, that met her two years ago at the Dulles Expo in Chantilly, Virginia.

Your Magazine is the greatest!

A big THANK YOU to Kim for sharing her photos and a few thoughts about her space! We LOVE getting your creative space submissions!Creative Scrapbooker Magazine / Where you Create / Creative SpacesSubscribe to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine


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  1. Avatar
    Kimberling Henshaw Reply

    That’s my room! A blessing to me and many others! This magazine is awesome! I am a huge fan!

    • Avatar

      What an amazing space Kimberling!! I’d love to scrapbook in that room with you someday! 😉

      • Avatar

        Thank you! Drop by anytime! We will have loads of fun!

  2. Avatar

    Beautiful room!! It looks so warm and inviting. A room that I could spend many hours in comfortably. ❤

  3. Avatar
    Tabatha Henshaw Reply

    It is a great room…..perfect for scrapbooking fun! A lot of creative things always coming out of this room!! I know me and my girls love it ❤️

    • Avatar

      Thank you Tabatha! Hey if anyone is reading this, she is my daughter in love!

  4. Connie

    So gorgeous!! I especially love your amazing space for having friends ❤️❤️

  5. Avatar

    This room is spectacular, and Kim’s artistic abilities as a scrapbooker are unmatched. I’d also love to see some of her creations featured in your blog and magazine!

  6. Avatar

    What a well organized gathering space for creativity to happen! Great job!

  7. Avatar
    Cecilia Gordon Reply

    I have the pleasure of knowing this lady and enjoying this space. Everything she does is perfection. The room is so neat, functional, and full of laughter and happy memories!! Great job, my friend!!!

    • Avatar

      Thank you Cecilia! This lady takes the credit for getting me started in scrapbooking years ago!

  8. Avatar

    What a beautiful inviting space to create and capture treasured times!

  9. Avatar

    Love it! Especially the closet storage and the extra tables for friends to paper craft!

  10. Avatar

    This is a great room, learned first hand about scrap booking in this room. Kim is a terrific instructor, not to mention a wonderful friend. Proud of you tall buddy! ❤️

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for posting a “real” scrapbook space. Those super neat rooms do not seem realistic to me. Your’s looks inviting, usable, and real.

    • Avatar

      Thank you Veronica! I appreciate and thank you for your compliment! It is all those things and more for all who enter are welcomed and are sure to have a super good time !

  12. Avatar
    Melissa Morales Reply

    I love this craft space. Room for everyone. What a blessing for you and those that share this space with you. Keep on craftin’, Melissa