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Hello, my crafty friends!
Getting your ink pads organized and accessible is the key to using more of them more often. The easiest way to organize ink pads is by using a color chart and an easily accessible storage tool, like my Stephanie Buddy Bag.

In this quick blog post I’ll take you through 6 easy steps to using both.
Step 1 – Download and print my “Peek-a-Hue” color charts – you’ll find them here.
You’ll need one for each color of the rainbow.  You may also want to print extras – these can be used to organize by brand.

Step 2 – Create the “Peek” effect
Place 2 “Peek-A-Hue” charts back to back and fold along the light grey line. Using a small punch – this could be a craft punch or just a standard hole punch, punch a hole through both sheets of paper.  Repeat this down both sides of the sheets.
Step 3 – Choose your ink pad storage container – I’d recommend the Stephanie Buddy Bag for rectangular or oblong ink pads (Stephanie Barnard, Spectrum Noir, Little Darlings, Catherine Pooler) and the Myrel Buddy Bag for square ink pads (Tim Holtz Distress & Oxide).  Buddy Bags are not required but they do make things easier. You can use my Peek-a-Hue technique with any type of ink pad storage. Step 4– Gather your ink pads together.  It is generally easiest to catalog and store them by brand due to the varying sizes and shapes of ink pads.  Step 5 – Complete your color charts Label each chart with a color(s) or brand of ink.
Work through the inks adding color samples to each of the appropriate rainbow “Peek-a-Hue” sheets. If you are also creating “P-a-H” sheets for brands, add color samples to your brand sheets as well.  In the column next to the color sample add a notation about the location of the ink pad.
In the example:
SB – Stephanie Barnard
WB – Waterbased
Ink 101 – the location of the actual ink pad
Step 6 – Create your catalog
Insert your color charts into standard page protectors and add them to your ScrapRack or a regular 3 ring binder.  Store the binder somewhere within easy reach when you’re crafting.
Use your Peek-a-Hue color charts to easily match ink to cardstock, paper, or whatever you’re stamping on.
Grab a coffee and watch me as I walk you through all these steps in this video!

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop by today.
Happy crafting,
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Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

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