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Hello, my crafty friends! Tiffany Spaulding here today on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog!
Thanks so much for popping by to learn a little about getting your current crafting project organized.
If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know one of my mantras is “Go Vertical!”  Usually, I’m talking about paper, vinyl, ink pads, or other craft supplies, but today I want you to apply the Go Vertical strategy to your current crafting project.
Why vertical?  In general, vertical:

  • Takes up less space
  • Presents items in a more visible way
  • Allows for easier accessibility
  • Provides a more “mobile” solution

One of the things that regularly happen with crafting projects and especially paper crafting projects is that we bury our scissors, rulers, embellishments, etc. which results in the “tap and search” – when we literally tap around all of the items on our workspace hoping to find the scissors, tape runner or ruler buried beneath.

What do I mean when I say go vertical with your current project?  I mean literally that – take all of the products you’re currently using for your scrapbook layout, cardmaking project, home décor item…and stand them up!

I’ve used my new Craft & Carry workstation to accomplish this task.  Notice how even the small tools and dies that I had out on the workspace are now visible and accessible – BEST of all, I’ve reclaimed the flat surface of my works space for crafting!

Look around your home or office – are there projects piled up somewhere that would be easier to work with, take up less space, and be easier to clean up if they were vertical?  Your planner supplier, office supplies/bill paying area, kids crafts, kids homework… I went vertical with all the tools and scraps I used in my last Cricut project.  Rather than having rolls of vinyl “rolling”’ off my work table and scraps and tools buried, I stuffed everything into a workstation for easy access. I went vertical with gift wrap, cards, tape, – everything I need for wrapping gifts this past holiday season. I’ve gone vertical with picnic supplies in our camper, kids crafts supplies, my planner station…the possibilities are endless. Where will you GO VERTICAL!?
Want to know more? Grab a coffee and watch this video.

Thanks again for joining me,
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Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

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  1. Barbara Carlson Reply

    I have learned to listen to Tiffany. I love that her products are designed by someone who crafts. So many craft organization products don’t seem to have taken how we craft or that we often have limited space. Into consideration

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