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If you did the Week 4 Challenge you’ve started a catalog of dies.  Now we’ll follow the similar steps and add your stamps.  There is no need to create a separate catalog for stamps, in fact you’ll find that having all your “tools” listed together by theme/sentiment/season will help you use them more often.
What your need:

  • Additional pages for your catalog (see week 4)
  • Ink
  • Printer/Copy Machine – optional
  • Labels/Marker/Sticky Notes/Adhesive
  • Clear Pockets or Tabbed Divider Pockets (TDP)
  • Storage containers for your stamps

What to do:
Step 1 – Gather all your stamps together – or as many as you can find. Step 2 – Sort stamps by size. Step 3 – Fill your storage containers – try to keep like sizes together. Use pockets to make everything in each section a uniform size. Step 4 – Label storage containers/pockets with a number – more details on this in the video. Step 5 – Working through 1 container at a time, add examples of your stamps to each appropriate category of your catalog. Remember some items will belong in more than one category.  You can stamp out the images or use a copy machine. Tips:
– If you have extra space in your container – be sure to leave extra numbers.
– Alpha-numeric stamps sets don’t need to be stamped out in their entirety, just do ABC in upper & lower case and 1,2,3 – you’ll have         a good idea of the size and shape from those simple examples.
– A numbered “bookmark” will help you return your stamp back to its proper place when you’re done.
– If stamps have 2 sheets of acetate, the stamp may not need to go into a tabbed divider pocket or clear pocket. The acetate sheets            will support and protect the stamp set.
– Keeping dies and stamps that work together, stored together is the best solution. If you want to keep dies and stamps together put         them in a TDP or clear pocket with a piece of magnet.
– If you’re using a variety of different types of storage containers be sure your numbering system includes some type of code as well           as a number.  In my example in the video I showed using WDB for the Wood mounted stamp storage bags, and SR for ScrapRack.
– If you’re working with sticky notes and I did, you may need to also add a bit of adhesive – sometimes they don’t stick well to plastic.
– Put your number/label on the unprinted piece of acetate – it will help you find it when it’s just sitting on your desk.  Those clear                  sheets tend to disappear on the tabletop.

Previous blog posts and videos that you might find helpful:
How to organize stamps – blog post
Print off this blog post

This week’s challenge checklist: CLICK HERE to print it.
*Gather your stamps.
*Gather your storage supplies – order things you might need.
*Set aside time to organize.
*Sort, label and store 2 containers of stamps.
*If you’re still sorting paper, set a goal for how much more paper you’ll sort and get it done!
*Goal: _____________________________________
*If you’re still working on Dies/Embellishments, set a goal for those: ____________________________
*Enjoy your reward.
*Enter this week’s contest.

Watch the Week #5 Get Organized Video

Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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