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Jackie Ludlage

Jackie Ludlage posing in a large family photo with her 4 kids and her husband at a graduation ceremony for 1 of her daughters

Jackie Ludlage is the Co Founder and Editor in Chief of Canada’s first scrapbooking magazine – Creative Scrapbooker. Jackie began scrapbooking many years ago after the birth of her first daughter Madeline in 1995. She became actively involved in various scrapbooking forums and online galleries through out the years. This eventually lead to her opening her own store in 2004. Here she taught numerous classes and spent hours helping others create and learn new scrapbooking techniques. Jackie felt that the industry was lacking a Canadian voice and so grew the idea to publish Canada’s first scrapbooking magazine. Together with Katharina Doyle, Creative Scrapbooker was brought to life in the Winter of 2005 with their premier issue. Along with her husband Christoph and their four children, Jackie can be found car pooling, volunteering at the hockey arena or working on their family farm that is located just outside the small town of Elk Point, Alberta.