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Katharina Doyle

Katharina Doyle posing for a photo with her two young kids on a piece of public art that is shaped like the letter E.

Katharina Doyle has been scrapbooking since her children were born and is thankful every day that Jackie Ludlage approached her in 2005 to start Creative Scrapbooker magazine. With a strong background in business, dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and a passion for scrapbooking, it was the perfect way for Katharina to leave her 12-year corporate career and work from home. Katharina obtained her business degree at the University of Alberta. She has worked and lived in several countries and has traveled to the far reaches of the world, but Canada is where her heart lies.

Katharina has found the perfect balance between loving the work she does and supporting her children. Katharina lives in Calgary with her two wonderful young children.

August 25th Online Class

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  Saturday, November 20th
  10:00am - 6:00pm MST

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