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Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Kelly has a stronghold on her roots. The prairie province is known for it’s friendly, hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit. Kelly feels these roots have been the backbone to her success. Having graduated from the Visual Communications Program at Medicine Hat College – a few moons ago at the age of 16 (a slightly exaggerated but plausible truth) – she moved back to Saskatoon. She started her own Design Studio in 1990. In 1994, she moved her business to Calgary, AB. 

Hartman Design Studio is primarily a print design studio. Kelly’s portfolio is filled with books and magazines. Her love affair for the tactile, typographically beautiful object is somewhat of an obsession! The Studio also spends its time in the brand world helping companies engage with their customers in meaningful, appropriate and strategic ways. She currently has 48 design awards including AIGA, Applied Arts, Graphex, Redgees Legacy Award, Coupe, Veriv UVU, and has been printed in many publications in Europe. 

Kelly is a sessional instructor at ACAD and is an active part of the GDC AB South Chapter. There really is no “outside of work” for Kelly but when she is not designing she’s attending yet another concert (admittedly she can’t afford herself!) or diving the reefs in Cozumel. 


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