Welcome to the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine BACK STAGE PASS blog! For those of you who do not know me I am the editor and co-founder of Canada’s BEST Scrapbooking magazine!!!! (I may be just a little biased 😉  LOL!) My idea behind creating this blog is to offer you a glimpse into the inside of the creation of a magazine, the amazing people who put it all together, where we work, the fantastic companies and products that we get to PLAY with everyday and of course – getting to know me a little better! Hence the name BACK STAGE PASS! It will be a journey into the deep DARK side of my wonderful world and all who play with me. Hope you stay tuned. CANADA ROCKS – is all I can say. This Olympics was absolutely a turning point in our country’s history of being shy or quiet when it…

  VIP Zoom Crop
  Friday, July 23
  1:00pm – 9:00pm

You will need the ZOOM App on your computer or phone.
Link will be available closer to the date.