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Today my husband Christoph was at work, my two daughters were at dance, my youngest son was visiting with his cousins…so after Hayden’s hockey game we had some time to either catch up on work – or watch a moive before I had to pick up the girls!!! This movie won….. Hayden and I ate some pizza pops, drank some rootbeer and then I CRIED! He said we are not going to watch that movie again cause he doesn’t like movies that make you cry and insisted we watch another movie – “feel good” movie…..so then we watched this movie I cried again!! Hayden decided there is no “winning” We did do a lot of cuddling and giggling together while we were home alone! So I thought I definately WON! Sometimes when you have 4 children it is hard to find time to just focus and connect with…

A 10 team Novice tournament kept all the parents of Liam’s team extremely busy this weekend in the little old town of Elk Point! So many rosey red cheeks, smelly hockey rooms, greasy burgers, parents laughing, horns blowin and lots and lots and lots of hot coffee! I took my camera and never took one single photo!!!!!!!!!! Luckily a friend’s sister in law (Monique) did and managed to capture this awesome shot of Liam in the face off circle! Thank you for sharing it with me! I love his concentration in this photo but mostly I love how much Liam thinks when he plays hockey. He is always planning, anticipating and thinking about what might happen next all the while working as hard as he can! Skills that will follow him long after the game is over! Thank you hockey – I owe you one! Happy Monday everyone

Madeline took about 1000 photos over the last few ball weekends! Thought I would share 2 of my very favourites Hannah working hard and here she is taking a moment to reflect on their accomplishment!  Sports teaches so much – I am grateful that she loves it! A big thank you to Madeline for taking all these photos for me!  The next post will be about you I PROMISE!

It was a Justin Bieber VIP party! Madeline took a picture of each guest with Liam and Justin Bieber:) I printed off the photos and then for a party favor and activity – each guest decorated a frame to take home with their VIP passes!  Farley was even in the birthday spirit!!!!! Here he is in his “UP” moment and it only lasted a moment! After everyone left and Liam was tucked into bed he talked for over an hour about all the details of party – who said what, who did what, what game was played where – I am happy he had a wonderful birthday! Love you Liam Mom

This is my new favourite movie!  I absolutely adored it!  At one point I was crying so hard and then celebrating!  FANTASTIC – Disney just knows how to do it right. Disney also always has a pretty nasty bad guy – and this movie is no exception!  The mother is just yucky and my 7 year old Liam  did not like her at all!  So if you have younger kids – you might want to watch it first! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone PS – What the heck did we do before Blu-Ray???

This is what they looked like for the first few days 🙂 Introducing Georgia, Yoty and Charlie!!!  4H has brought these very cute and very shy friends into our lives! Yoty and Charlie are friends of Georgia – who is the black one, Hannah’s project sheep and who is the most unfriendly of the bunch!!!! Hannah has her work cut out for her!!! This picture of Hayden makes me giggle….he is saying “But they are so CUTE!!!!”  That pretty much sums up how we all feel about them!!! Happy Friday everyone!

Madeline had on her creative hat this weekend! Along with the help of Hannah and two of her friends from school – she created her interpretation of Winter Angels! They had so much fun….and were completely frozen!!!!! After the shoot they spent the rest of the afternoon and late into the evening snuggled up in blankets eating chinese food and watching way too many hours of Jersey Shore! Great job Madeline!

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