After we got home from dance last night, my daughter Madeline turned on Season 1 of Glee!  I was giggling so HARD:-P .  The characters are just priceless! Needless to say – Madeline and I stayed up until 5:00AM finishing the entire series!!!!!!!!! I went to bed smiling cause I just love how it ended!!!!!! Totally looking forward to Season 2 to come out on DVD. That being said – not sure why I have to be such a compulsive maniac and watch it right to the end. Today has been filled with lots of coffee and me trying not to be grouchy! Wish me luck!

Running a magazine means CRAZY mail days!  About once a week my mail looks something like this!   This shipment arrived on Wednesday and was mainly full of GORGEOUS layouts that will be featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. This is the best part of my job – opening up these boxes and seeing the amazing work all you guys do! I wish you all could come over for coffee and see these layouts in real life – although our photographer Brian Harder does an awesome job – nothing beats seeing the hard copies! I thought I would open one up for you to see! This layout was designed by Jessyka Poulin from Sherbrooke, Quebec – look for it in our Turquoise feature in the summer issue. (Just gorgeous :-)) This weekend I will be opening all the boxed treasures and preparing them for the photo…

  My partner, Katharina Doyle is travelling to Victoria, BC tomorrow for the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival – March 12 -13th. If you haven’t had a chance – check out our website www.canadianscrapbooker.ca to see what it is all about. Two of our fabulosooo 😀 teachers, Cari Locken and Cathie Allan will both be teaching at this event.  Definately visit our site to check out their classes!  There is still room! Katharina will be working at our MAKE & TAKE LOONIE BAR!!!!!!!! 😉 Sounds delicious! Lots of great stores to shop at, classes to take and awesome door prizes! If you are around the Victoria Conference Center be sure to stop in and say hello! Tell Katharina, Jackie sent you!

Welcome to the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine BACK STAGE PASS blog! For those of you who do not know me I am the editor and co-founder of Canada’s BEST Scrapbooking magazine!!!! (I may be just a little biased 😉  LOL!) My idea behind creating this blog is to offer you a glimpse into the inside of the creation of a magazine, the amazing people who put it all together, where we work, the fantastic companies and products that we get to PLAY with everyday and of course – getting to know me a little better! Hence the name BACK STAGE PASS! It will be a journey into the deep DARK side of my wonderful world and all who play with me. Hope you stay tuned. CANADA ROCKS – is all I can say. This Olympics was absolutely a turning point in our country’s history of being shy or quiet when it…

August 25th Online Class

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