Welcome Creative Scrapbooker Magazine fans! 2021 is the year to GET ORGANIZED!

In the Spring 2021 issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Tiffany wrote an article about building, designing and organizing her work space from start to finish.

The Organzied Crafter

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We could not fit all of Tiffany’s experiences and advice into one article SO we built this page as a follow up to her article in the Spring 2021 issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

Now let’s get started!

Watch as Tiffany walks you through all the different zones in her craft room.

Here is a fun look at the actual building of Tiffany’s Casita Studio Build

5 Things to do/think about before you build/create or reorganize your craft space.

Craft space
Craft space is a little different for every crafter.  When I talk about your craft space – that space could be a full room, part of a room, a single table, a closet or even just a tote or two stowed under the bed.  I hope you’ll find the list below helpful regardless of the type of craft space you use.

Make a list of the zones you need in your craft space.
You can think in terms of types of crafts – scrapbooking, sewing, painting and/or types of supplies used – inks, dies, die cutting, paints, silk screens, etc.  Each of these things can require different areas or workspaces. For example; sewing, might require a large space for cutting fabric, paints and inks require an area that can get “messy” without messing up anything else.

Do your crafts require power?
Before you set up a table, place a desk or move a shelving unit – think about what you need for power.  Will you be able to connect your Gemini, Cricut or Ott light?  If power is going to be a stretch consider plugging in a power strip  that can easily be moved around even after you set up your table/desk/workspace.

Are you sharing your space?
If you’ll be sharing your space with others in your household or friends you regularly craft with, you’ll want to consider those needs in your room/space design.  Is the shared space permanent and consistent or just something you need to accommodate periodically? 

Using Origami type shelves that fold up easily and store flat can be a great solution for temporary use or can be used permanently to divide the space in a room.

Practice before you purchase.
This sounds a little weird, but it can be a great exercise before you purchase something permanent.

Set up a table and use it for crafting.  Pay close attention to the table space and how you’re using it.  Do you need more space, less space?  Is the space to wide, narrow, long or short? Are you pulling carts and other tables up next to you? If you’re using carts for storage – do you need them to store under the table when you’re not crafting?  Is the height of the table comfortable?  Do you need an adjustable chair?  Practicing a crafty set up will help guide your decision on both the table and the accessories you need to go with it.

What’s next…
Do you have any major crafting purchases planned?  Are you thinking about trying out a new craft or crafts?  If so what type of workspace and storage will you need for those things?  How will they fit into your new or newly reorganized craft space?

Common Questions about my space.

What type of desk do you use and where did you buy it?
I have an L shaped desk that was purchased at Office Depot.  It was relatively inexpensive, has lasted for years and is VERY easy to move around because it is lightweight. 

I choose a desk with no drawers for a number of reasons; drawers are generally the wrong dimension for crafting supplies – too long, too short, too deep, too shallow, etc. . Drawers are usually not movable – the top drawer will always be the top drawer.  I love working with carts, and it’s more difficult to store a chart under a desk with drawers.  Lastly, they are usually heavy – I find that I’m constantly moving my desk around and I like that I can move it myself.

What I don’t like about it – the glass top.  Initially I thought this would be a benefit, because it is easy to clean and very smooth.  However, I find that it’s very difficult to pick things up off the desk top, like paper, paper scraps, anything truly flat.  You’ll notice in all of the pictures you see of my desk I use large black leather desk blotters on both sides.

I don’t believe my actual desk is still offered, but it is very similar to this one:

Where did you get your crafting table?
IKEA.  I purchase quite a bit from IKEA because it is reasonably priced and reasonably well made.  It’s good value for the money.  The crafting table top and legs are purchased separately. 

The top is called LINNMON – it comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose what’s right for you.  Mine is approximately 5” x 24”.  The dimensions are perfect, but what I really like is how lightweight it is.

The legs I choose are called KRILLE.  They include the locking caster.

Do you use the IKEA KALLAX or EXPEDIT for your cube storage?
I own and use them both.  The EXPEDIT was replaced by the KALLAX a few years ago and I was concerned about the dimensions of the KALLAX working as well as the EXPEDIT.  My concerns were unfounded. The KALLAX is every bit as useful as it’s predecessor.  I added the wheels (also from IKEA) to this 5 cube unit.

Tiffanys Kallax Cube with wheels

Where did you get the white shelving unit in your studio?
Surprise!!! – It’s also from IKEA.  It’s called FJALKINGE.  I love this shelving. At 13.75” deep, it’s perfect for scrapbooking supplies and everything else.


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