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“CUPCAKES” of fun!  This sure was a HARD assignment!!!!! 😉  For the summer issue Desiree Maas and I created a cupcake tree that will be featured both on the front cover and inside the magazine.  Here is a sneak peek! What exactly went into creating this tree 1. A number of different trial runs of baking cupcakes – to get the right colour, right holders and right size. 2. A number of visits to the store – purchasing various cupcake holders and decorations. 3. Lots of different shades of icing were created until Desiree got it just right! 4. Christoph and my Dad made a number of cupcake trees at various sizes so that we could have a number of different options. 5. We spent many many hours making the spiral flowers that line each outer layer.  We used Harmonie patterned paper, circle punch and double sided tape! 7. The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops were…

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