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After seven months of dancing 4-5 times a week – festival season is knocking on our door! This is a typical tap class. Eila (young lady in the middle) is a fabulous tap instructor – she has really inspired Madeline to be a tap dancer – as tapping is not one of Madeline’s favourite classes. My Hannah bear gets to play with make-up! Which is unusual as she is my tomboy! I am not sure for how much longer though – she has been coming out of her shell a little more in the last 1/2 year. Madeline is growing up so fast! PLEASE slow down just a little! These two girsl are super duber ATHLETIC! Alley Cat and Hannah Bear! After they dance an elegant jazz duet – they go outside and CHUCK the baseball around!  Makes me smile. These three girls spend most of the day giggling and smiling!…

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