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Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

My scrapbooking area is everyones in our house. My little people are allowed to use whatever they like AS LONG AS they put everything away when they are finished! I have been known to go completely CRAZY if there is a big mess (that I didn’t make – that might not be very fair – but its the deal in our house that everyone has to live with) The positives of this aggreement far out weigh the negatives. I am showered with albums filled with layouts that they have created – just for me (better then flowers)! I love seeing their stories and adventures through their eyes rather then mine. Their layouts inspire me and remind me what scrapbooking is really about. I have a spot on the corner of my desk that I display the latest creations on.  My daughter Hannah designed this one about me. I have to tell you it makes me giggle!…

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