12 Week Get Organized Challenge


Last week you worked through your inks, pens and markers. This week you’ll want to add your other coloring agents to your color catalog. Follow the same process using the “Peel-a-Hue” color charts or print colors charts from the manufacturer website(s). What you’ll need This can be quite a messy process. Be prepared with the following items and it will help simplify the process. -Peek-a-Hue Color Charts – download links below – Paint Brushes – Cup of Water – For cleaning paint brushes – Quilting Pinks – for unclogging glitter glues – Paper Towels and or Baby Wipes – Double-sided tape – for glitter examples – Scissors – Pop Up Trash Can – Label Stickers – Optional – Fine Tipped pen or marker – Storage Containers – ideas at the end of this handout Step 1 – how will you store your times? Choose your storage containers- Think easy access.…

Yes, you’ll want to catalog your embossing folders too! This week we’ll follow the cataloging steps from week 5, with a few small changes and get your embossing folders, sorted, labeled, cataloged and stored.  What you need: – Additional pages for your catalog – Black marker – for creating a grid pattern on your paper – Crayons – Label supplies – Storage Containers What to do: 1. Gather your embossing folders together. 2. Sort embossing folders by size. 3. If you need storage containers order or purchase the right sizes and styles for your embossing folder collection. 4. Fill your storage containers with embossing folders. 5. Number embossing folders and label storage containers with number “bookmarks” – remember to leave numbers if you have extra space. 6. Create “grid” sheets and use them to catalog embossing folders that are generic background designs. Use 2 squares on the grid if you…

Keep things together you use together – that means sorting and organizing your embellishments by theme, holiday, or color rather than by “type.”  This idea can be hard to get your brain around, but think about working on a project, i.e., a birthday scrapbook page – when you look in your “birthday” section you want to see all your choices in one place – stickers, stencils, brads, die cuts… Now imagine that you want to add some “color” to that same birthday page – you want to match the other embellishments you’ve selected from the Birthday section – reds and pinks, when you flip to your rainbow section, you’ll see all of your choices – in just the right colors.  It might be flowers, beads, bling, tags, felt, glitter – it’s one stop shopping, no remembering required. What you need: You’ll need embellishment organizers that will allow you to “combine…

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