8 1/2 X 11 Scrapbook Layout


Hi Friends! I am working my way through some of the stories over the past two years that I felt I really wanted to get on paper. Online school was one those stories that I had left untold. There seems to be so many “new normal” scenarios that I never dreamed we’d have to do and I feel it so important to document them. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a double layout. For this story, I wanted to show schedules and some of the “Google Classroom” rules so one page didn’t cut it. I found the lined paper in my stash – I seemed to be waiting for the perfect time to use it. That time was now! As I played with these photos across both pages, I found a balance that I quite liked. The Echo Park School Rules embellishments worked perfectly with the paper and…

Hello Friends! Well, it’s been another difficult start to the year. I really hope that you are doing well given the circumstances. And of course, using your hobby to help you stay positive. Here in Newfoundland, Canada, we are beginning to open back up but it’s certainly been a slow road. Crafting has been a source of escape for me and has opened my eyes to how incredibly important it is to my own self-care. While in modified isolation, I found some time to create. I was trying my best to fill some holes that I had in my albums including this birthday photo of my oldest daughter, Jane. This oversized photo had gotten scratched. It’s the whole reason why this story had yet to be told. Rather than skip over it again, I put the page together using primarily some American Craft thickers. Maybe I’ll go back and reprint…

In September, the most perfect wild blueberries can be seen in the barrens and rocks around the coastlines of Newfoundland. Since I was a kid I remember collecting buckets of them. We would have our bellies full by the end of the forage. Later we’d make blueberry crisp or blueberry muffins and at Nan’s house we’d have blueberries mixed with sugar and carnation milk for a treat before we’d head to bed. Looking back, I don’t know where the years have gone. Those are such fond memories. I haven’t gone out blueberry picking in years. Then one day last month, my father called and asked me to go with him on a whim. I made the time despite my calendar being blocked. I had to arrange baby sitters and carpools but I made it happen with my daughter, Jane and my niece, Sawyer. I said ‘yes’. It took four stops…

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