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The fall 2014 issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine featured one of my all time favourite articles written and designed by Christy Riopel. Back to school paper crafting projects was the theme of the article and in true Christy style she blew me away with a few of the projects that she created. Altered Globe One of my favourite projects in this article was this altered world globe. Check out all of the intricate details. Tiny squares of patterned paper were stuck together to form the different continents of the world. How super fun would this project look on your desk! Book Marks Remembering what page you are on in your school novel study has never been cuter!!! These fun paper clip book marks are so easy to make and will bring a smile to any student – even if their school assignment doesn’t (giggle giggle). Book Covers Altering the front…

Hello Everyone – Cathy Caines here on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog. It’s the time of year when we say goodbye to summer. But in my teens, it also meant that I was saying goodbye to my friends and family as I set off to begin another school year away from home. It’s always hard to leave and for anyone going through their first year, it’s especially tough. If I am speaking to you – you got this.  Sure, you’ll be poor and stressed out but everyone around you will be in the same boat.  Tap into those around you and try hard to work on finding your true calling. The only way to do this is to think about what makes you happy. Good luck and always remember you can only do your best – nobody expects anything more.About a month ago a lady called me and said that…

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