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Here we are…Friday again! The may long weekend is behind us! Hope the long weekend was all you hoped it would be! This week we are looking into the well organized space of Ardel Doll; from Middle Lake,Saskatchewan! Take some time looking at each picture, there is lovely art work all over! I am sharing my art space for the first time.  We moved into this home four years ago; the basement is not finished, so my future art room is in the dream stage! Until then, I have taken one of the bedrooms upstairs; this is where I create. I used to have two art tables to work on, but supplies overran the room, one table had to go [LOL]. I find it difficult to create if my space is cluttered; I try to keep my supplies organized and accessible. All of the storage items you see here are from Michaels.…

August 25th Online Class

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