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I saved this for last because it’s the easiest – fast and simple. Rolls, sheets, glue dots, runners…the list is endless and I’m guessing their locations in your craft room might be as well. Adhesives are something we use on nearly EVERY project, yet they’re not always easily accessible.  This is your week to gather them up and find an accessible, and if you travel, a portable home for them. Gather up your adhesives and test them – are they still sticky? Sort them by type: tape runner, liquid, pop dot/sheet, refill cartridges… Do you have a hot glue gun and glue sticks – include those in this challenge Choose a storage solution(s) Do you have space on your desktop? Will you store them in a drawer or on a shelf? Load your storage solution Create a shopping list if you are low on a specific type of adhesive and/or…

It’s Tool Time! Cropodile, Punch boards, stamp blocks, scissors, rulers…you’ve invested in them, now you need to use them, but before you can do that, you’ve got to find them. This week we’ll talk about tool storage solutions that work for crafting at home and on the go. What type of crafter are you? You’ll need to define yourself before you can pick the perfect tool organizers – learn more…  What you need: Easily accessible containers for your always used tools. If you don’t have space on your desk – think about a cart, something that you can pull up next to you while you’re crafting. Storage options for lesser used tools. What to do: Gather up your tools. Sort them by amount of use – every project, some projects, rarely used, *never used. Arrange them in the storage containers you’ve selected. Place containers for easy accessibility Label if necessary…

Keeping your photos and mementos organized can be the difference between getting pages done or becoming overwhelmed. This week we’ll begin the process of sorting both your printed and digital photos, along with rounding up all of those wayward mementos.  What you need: Storage for photos – Classis photo storage boxes, 4×6 or 5×7 Fab Files Storage for Mementos – large envelopes, Memento Keepers, Album Storage Fab Files, 12×12 Fab Files Computer storage system for your digital photos – most computers include something for photo storage, but I just use regular files. Labels / Sticky notes Plain paper for creating sorting guides. Family timeline/journal/spreadsheet, etc What to do: Basic sorting and storage Create a family timeline to easily organize photos. Sort your photos into chronological order – either in photo storage boxes or digitally. Create sorting guides for fast and easy sorting. Use sticky notes on the back side of…

We’re on to a new type of catalog – the color catalog. I recommend is using my “Peek-a-Hue” color charts. These are a free download – see the links below Why is creating a color catalog using your actual supplies important? There are a couple of reasons – Try as they might, it’s nearly impossible for the manufacturers to create labels on their products that show the “true” color on the ink, pen, marker, etc;. Cataloging the colors will give you that “true” color. Using each of your colors will give you an opportunity to discover what you have and what you need. You’re sure to find dried up products that can be tossed and replacements added to your shopping list. The process of cataloging your inks, pens, and markers is similar to the other products we’ve catalogued. Challenge Goals – Have quick, easy access to your inks, pencils, markers,…

You guessed it – these all need to be added to your catalog too. Remember, you may need to punch out multiple examples if your punch needs to be represented in multiple categories. Stencils and Templates are going to be treated similarly to embossing folders although some of your storage options will be different. What you need: Additional pages for your catalog Permanent Marker or other labeling supplies (see Tips section) Storage Containers – see ideas What to do: Gather punches, punch boards, templates, & stencils together Sort by size and/or type Decide on storage containers and/or order/shop for what you need Fill your storage containers with punches/punch boards/templates/stencils Give each item a number and number label each punch board container Add representations to your catalog Punch out punches Photocopy or print out details for punchboards Photocopy stencils or do a rubbing Trace templates This week’s challenge checklist: Follow the…

If you did the Week 4 Challenge you’ve started a catalog of dies.  Now we’ll follow the similar steps and add your stamps.  There is no need to create a separate catalog for stamps, in fact you’ll find that having all your “tools” listed together by theme/sentiment/season will help you use them more often. What your need: Additional pages for your catalog (see week 4) Ink Printer/Copy Machine – optional Labels/Marker/Sticky Notes/Adhesive Clear Pockets or Tabbed Divider Pockets (TDP) Storage containers for your stamps What to do: Step 1 – Gather all your stamps together – or as many as you can find. Step 2 – Sort stamps by size. Step 3 – Fill your storage containers – try to keep like sizes together. Use pockets to make everything in each section a uniform size. Step 4 – Label storage containers/pockets with a number – more details on this in…

Cataloging your dies is the best way to know what you have and where it’s stored.  The chances are good that this week will just be the tip of the ice burg when it comes to cataloging your dies – but that’s okay. The best way to organize your dies is by using a catalog and numbering system. What you need: A binder (I recommend 12×12) Blank sheets of white paper (any solid color will work – plain white back side of ugly printed paper) Scrap paper for cutting samples of each die in your collection. A die storage system – magnet sheets and pockets, Die File, etc. Pop Up trash can Labels Laminator/Xyron What to do: Load your storage system/storage containers with dies.  Don’t worry about the order or placement of the dies in the storage system. Label each container in your die storage system. You can choose to…

Paper can often be the most overwhelming part of our craft supply collection.  Many paper crafters have thousands of sheets of paper. I like to start with paper because it is the supply we use on almost every project.  Which means, you’ll also get the most benefit, most of the time, from getting it organized. What you need: Vertical Paper Storage Boxes Label Tabs/Sticky Notes – I prefer plastic, flexible notes over paper. Dividers 12×12 Paper Pockets, SuperSized Singles, Sideloader Singles or Collection Keepers ScrapMasters, File Folders or Scrap Pockets Themes & Sentiments list you created last week Why Vertical Paper Storage Boxes – Vertical simply takes up less space on your workspace while at the same time giving you easiest access during both organizing/sorting, and crafting. Paper Pockets, SuperSized Singles, Sideloader Singles or Collection Keepers You’ll use these to keep “collections”of  paper together.  All of these that listed are…

Welcome to the 12 week Get Organized Challenge. I’m so glad you’re here.  Our goal this week is to set a foundation for getting and staying organized. Why are you doing this? Identifying why you want to get and stay organized is a necessity for success. “I want to get organized because… I feel overwhelmed when I try to craft, and it’s not fun anymore, I want crafting to be fun again. I feel like I’m wasting most of my crafting time looking for supplies instead of crafting, I want to get more done during my crafting time. I want to have friends and family come over and craft with me, but I don’t have space for them right now. I have invested lots of money in my craft supplies, I want to feel like I’m getting the value for the money spent. I’d love to travel to crafting events,…

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