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Hello everyone, Kelly Klapstein here today playing with some of my Kelly Creates products to bring you a cute little Halloween card. When it comes to Halloween, I am more into the ‘cute’ spooky projects than the scary ones. Let’s just say I have an overactive imagination and avoid anything gory! For this Halloween “Boo” card, I’ve included a template for you to trace and draw a bat along with practicing hand lettering. – CLICK HERE – to download your copy. I used the following Kelly Creates supplies: Deluxe Lettering Kit Black Fineliners Bullet Tip Metallic Jewel “Gold” pen Project pad You’ll also need scissors, adhesive, and a paper trimmer. Step 1 – Download and print the PDF template. Cut out the bat and trace it onto black card stock with a pencil. Step 2 – Cut out the bat from the black card stock in Kelly Creates Project Pad.…

Hi everyone! It’s Kelly Klapstein here today to share some calligraphy tips with you. Many people who learn lettering with brush pens struggle with connecting strokes to write words. Today I will help you with that issue. I’m using my Dream Pens, my Deluxe lettering kit and my Kelly Creates Grid practice pad. Remember to always use smooth paper with your brush pens, not regular paper, which will damage your brush tips because it’s too rough. Before you start writing words with your brush pens, make sure you have a solid foundation of practicing the basic strokes and individual letters. Then move on to writing short, simple words. The biggest hurdle for many beginners is drawing long exit strokes. If your exit strokes are too short, then you can’t connect the next letter properly, and when you do, it will look crowded. Do you see how my exit strokes stop…

Hi everyone, Kelly Klapstein here today on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog.  One of the reasons I love calligraphy and hand lettering is because it comes in very handy during special occasions and entertaining. For Thanksgiving, I made these pumpkin place cards, which are quite simple and fast. In fact, I made them a couple of hours before my guests arrived for dinner! They are perfect for any Fall theme event aside from Thanksgiving, like Halloween, a Country theme dinner, or even a rustic wedding. If you’re not confident about your writing on these place cards, then just stamp the names or print the names on the computer and glue them on. Here is a video tutorial to help you make these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2p9Iw-_gUk I hope you are able to enjoy this creative art form as much as I do. Breathe. Write. Relax. Subscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine …

WINNER – Congratulations to Bethany Dittbrender – this week’s lucky winner. YAHOOOO!!!! It is Wednesday and the official LAST week of summer. We know this is a BUMMER …. BUT…. we have partnered up with the wonderful people over at American Crafts Kelly Creates to give one lucky winner this FABULOSA Kelly Creates Giveaway prize package. Hand lettering is the perfect hobby all winter long!!!! Someone is going to win this prize package! WHY NOT YOU?! Start your hand lettering journey with Kelly Creates! This awesome prize pack will get you started on your way to becoming an expert! To enter to win 1. Visit Kelly Creates on Facebook – CLICK HERE –  Like and follow their page. Tell them CSM sent you! 2. Leave a comment on this blog post! You have until Friday, August 31st at midnight to enter to win! Good luck! Subscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

Hello everyone, Kelly Klapstein from Kelly Creates here today on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog. When I first picked up a brush pen 3 years ago and started to write with it, a calm came over me. That is what I love about hand lettering above all else…I feel centered and present. It’s just me and the tools I need to create on the table in front of me, and my practice becomes a meditative exercise. I have left technology behind. I am not looking at a screen. I feel tremendous joy and satisfaction in watching the ink flow on the paper in a myriad of colours. Even the simple black pen on white paper is incredibly satisfying and beautiful. That is what all art does for us, as well as crafts. When I scrapbook or make cards, or paint with watercolours, I am ‘in the moment’ feeling focused and…

Kelly Klapstein is on our web show today creating handmade cards that you will LOVE! Easy to follow step by steps that will have you doodling and hand lettering LIKE A BOSS! Giggle Giggle! Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjhnofVUEfQ SUPPLIES Bazzill Basics Paper Cardstock Kelly Creates Deluxe Lettering Kit Kelly Creates MultiColor Fineliners Kelly Creates Small Brush Pens Kelly Creates Black Fineliners Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Be sure to follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on YouTube! Do not miss a single video! CLICK HERE Happy Scrapbooking EveryoneSubscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine – HOLD IT! READ IT! LOVE IT!

Hi everyone! It’s Kelly Klapstein here, and I have some special news for you….I made a couple of scrapbook pages! Since I started calligraphy, my scrapbooking has taken a backseat and I haven’t designed a layout in FOREVER. I tell you, it felt really good to be playing with paper again! For both layouts, I used the Vicki Boutin collection from American Crafts and my Deluxe Lettering kit. This kit is perfect for hand lettering projects because you have every tool you need: ruler, pencil, eraser, fineliners, black brush pens (fine, med, bold) and 3 colour large brush tip pens. There are a few simple steps to follow when adding your own lettering to your layouts. 1. Think of a title and write it out in different ways on scrap paper with a pencil. 2. Arrange your page elements onto the background paper and decide where and how your title…

Kelly Klapstein is on our webshow today with a hot technique – creating watercolor galaxies for cards, backgrounds, scrapbooking or paper crafting. This is a fun technique with different results everytime you do it. No two projects will ever look the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft1dUZJG5Lg&t=12s SUPPLIES USED Sakura Koi Watercolor Brush Pens Sakura Micron Pens Sakura Pen-Touch Silver Pen Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L E-Z Dots Unknown Watercolor Paper Like what you see? Be sure to follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on YouTube – CLICK HERE Happy Scrappin’ Everyone!Subscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine – HOLD IT! READ IT! LOVE IT!

Kelly Klapstein, the creative mind behind the Kelly Creates line of hand lettering products, is on our web show today  – Hand Lettering on Thank You Cards – Technique Tasters #130. Watch as Kelly walks you through the very basic steps on creating gorgeous handmade cards that look like they would take literally hours to create but really only took a few minutes. Here are the products Kelly used Kelly Creates Metallic Jewel Brush Pens Kelly Creates Deluxe Lettering KitAmy Tangerine for American Crafts Clear Stickers Bazzill Basics Paper Foil Accent Cardstock Grab a coffee and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFT74bBVhJc&feature=youtu.be Be sure to follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on YouTube for hundreds of scrapbooking ideas – CLICK HERE Happy Hand Lettering Everyone!Subscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine – HOLD IT! READ IT! LOVE IT!

When I first picked up a brush pen 3 years ago and began practicing lettering, I quickly started to think about how I could teach others how to learn this beautiful art form of calligraphy. Soon I developed my own set of tracing worksheets (just like I used in elementary school) that would help others develop the skills to write pretty letters. Then American Crafts came along, and we collaborated to design an entire product line of pens, workbooks, practice journals and more that would make learning calligraphy easy and fun. Now I can teach workshops with my own Kelly Creates pens and workbooks! If you can’t attend a workshop, here is what you need to learn brush lettering: Workbooks, a Practice Pad, and The Deluxe Lettering Kit, which has both large and small brush tip pens for both workbooks. You could also use the Dream Pens (large brush tip)…

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