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Hello, my crafty friends! Getting your ink pads organized and accessible is the key to using more of them more often. The easiest way to organize ink pads is by using a color chart and an easily accessible storage tool, like my Stephanie Buddy Bag. In this quick blog post I’ll take you through 6 easy steps to using both. Step 1 – Download and print my “Peek-a-Hue” color charts – you’ll find them here. You’ll need one for each color of the rainbow.  You may also want to print extras – these can be used to organize by brand. Step 2 – Create the “Peek” effect Place 2 “Peek-A-Hue” charts back to back and fold along the light grey line. Using a small punch – this could be a craft punch or just a standard hole punch, punch a hole through both sheets of paper.  Repeat this down both…

How to organize Quick Quotes inks at home or for travel with Totally-Tiffany Do you love QQ PP inks?  I love mine.  They’re so easy to use and they always seem to have just the right color.  If you’re looking for the perfect way to organize and store your Quick Quotes PowderPuff inks you’ve come to the right place. Do you always, only, craft at home? If so, you’ll love using a Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace for your inks.  The Pen & Ink Palace comes in two widths – 9″ and 15″. The 9″ Pen & Ink Palace will hold 25 Quick Quotes inks, the 15″ will hold 40.  Both sizes have the same pull out trays and there’s a lip on the back of each tray so your ink pads don’t fall off the back.  Learn more about the 15″ Pen & Ink Palace.  Learn more about the 9″ Pen & Ink Palace. Do you sometimes travel…

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