Organize Adhesives


I saved this for last because it’s the easiest – fast and simple. Rolls, sheets, glue dots, runners…the list is endless and I’m guessing their locations in your craft room might be as well. Adhesives are something we use on nearly EVERY project, yet they’re not always easily accessible.  This is your week to gather them up and find an accessible, and if you travel, a portable home for them. Gather up your adhesives and test them – are they still sticky? Sort them by type: tape runner, liquid, pop dot/sheet, refill cartridges… Do you have a hot glue gun and glue sticks – include those in this challenge Choose a storage solution(s) Do you have space on your desktop? Will you store them in a drawer or on a shelf? Load your storage solution Create a shopping list if you are low on a specific type of adhesive and/or…

August 25th Online Class

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