Organizing Embossing Folders


Ask yourself…What kind of crafter are you?Do you only craft away from home? – Maybe you’re Mary Mobilmaker. Do you always craft at home? – You’re Cathy Craftroom. Do you store everything hidden away from your workspace and bring things out when you’re ready to work? Could you be Karen Kraftabout? Do you have a craft room, but also attend crops and classes – You might be Sophia Cropalot. Learn more about the type of crafter you are and the types of tools that might work best for you. Choose the right organization tools 4×6 and 5×7 Fab Files Fab Files are ideal for crafters who need to store their products away from their workspace.  The small label on the side of the box is perfect for creating a “library” of embossing folders (and other products, too). Fab Files are small and lightweight. Carry them to your workspace and easily flip through them…