Paper Storage


Paper Organization is simple when you have a plan.  Follow these easy steps to get your paper organized and choose the right paper organizing tools for the way you craft. What you’ll need: A “Themes and Sentiments” list 12×12 Dividers Plastic “sticky notes” or paper. I prefer plastic because they are difficult to bend and crease. 12×12 VERTICAL boxes – you can use these for permanent storage or just use them as your “sorting” system. 1 – Create a Themes and Sentiments List This is a list of all of the things you craft about organized alphabetically (NOT to include holidays or seasons) – Baby, Beach, Camping, Travel, etc. Download my example list. 2 – Label your 12×12 dividers Create a label for each of the categories in your Themes and Sentiments list as well as for holidays, seasons, and the rainbow. In the video, I used just a…