Past Magazine Covers


Yesturday I was sorting through and organizing my Creative Scrapbooker Magazine collection. I often have to pinch myself as it ‘s so  hard to believe that it has already been over 11 years in publication. Such a dream come true! Feels like only yesturday. As I was sorting through years of magazines I definitely got squirreled looking at all the past front covers! What Will The OO’s Be? One of the things Creative Scrapbooker Magazine has become famous for over the last 11 years is how we change the oo’s, on the masthead, on each and every front cover to a funky design element.  We have a ton of fun designing the oo’s to reflect the look and feel of that particular issue. Through out the years we have had a total of 48 different sets of 00’s!!! WOWZERS!  Everything from stars to trains, to snowflakes to marbles to airplanes…

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  Friday, July 23
  1:00pm – 9:00pm

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