Pens, pens, pens, and more pens! WOW! The Sakura booth is bursting with everything to make your world colourful! Branching out from pens, Sakura has expanded their beautiful line of Koi Watercolor palettes, suitable for travel, called the “Pocket Field Sketch Box,” which comes in different sizes. And then there’s the walls of pens. The Pigma Microns have been a standard for many artists, and look at all the colours! The Koi Watercolor Brush pens are wonderful for illustrating, colouring, with or without water, and brush lettering. The Cray-Pas is the original high quality oil pastels that probably many of us used in elementary school. The range of colours is impressive! For non-porous surfaces like chalkboard, vinyl, metal, wood, vellum, glass etc… the Permopaque Pigment Markers are awesome and have a dual point: bullet and chisel. Another line of permanent pens that work on various materials is the Pen-Touch. They…

  VIP Zoom Crop
  Friday, July 23
  1:00pm – 9:00pm

You will need the ZOOM App on your computer or phone.
Link will be available closer to the date.