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I’ve been trying to get through my pictures and as a result my layouts are becoming more clean, simple and less time consuming. There’s very little time between meal times, soccer practices and school so I am learning very quickly not to agonize over the little details.  In fact, it’s fair to say that my scrapbooking style is slowly evolving into cleaner more simple style. This layout is no different; however, I had multiple photos I wanted to include from this beautiful hiking adventure we took on the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland, Canada.  The only way I know how to solve that problem is to mix a traditional layout and pocket page layout. After selecting my photos, I realized that I didn’t need the full pocket page spread so I split it in half using my scissors.Starting with a 8.5 x 11” white piece of cardstock I began to…

Today on our blog, Cathy Caines shares her tips and techniques for creating 8.5″ x 11″ scrapbook pages.   ‘I had been waiting for this. This was the part of the road trip on my old stomping grounds in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  We had pitas and marched down the main road to check out Jane’s thrift shop.  Before we left, I took a moment to take in the view. The old mail box in the tall grass with the mud flats in the back ground. It’s funny how nostalgia works. I miss this place. A place I once called home. A place that helped me grow. Where I made mistakes but had great successes. It’s a part of how I came to be.’ My scrapbook albums are now 8.5 x11”. I switched from my 12×12” albums to the smaller size in 2016 for a couple reasons.  I personally enjoyed…

Every season has a story Back to routine.  Back to photo management.  Every month I go through my photos and hit “delete”. Typically, this does happen every month but not this summer.  While trying to catch up, I ran across these photos from a last minute trip to Cape Spear, Newfoundland – only a twenty minute drive from my home. This story needed to be told right now. I jumped off the couch and got every rolling. In fact, I had already documented this story on a blog post.  All I had to do now was put the layout together. This time I started with the story.  I copy and pasted the story from the blog post onto an 8.5×11” canvas in Photoshop.  I hit print. I printed the photos with a border using my Canon Selphy printer knowing which photos I wanted where.  Note that the two vertical ones…

Hi everyone! My name is Sherry Roth and am honoured to be here as a guest blogger today to share with you my love for Project Life. First of all I need to start by saying that Project Life has changed my way of thinking about scrapbooking, the way I scrapbook and how much I scrapbook – all for the better! I am so passionate about this type of memory keeping, that I could probably write a book – but I will keep this short and sweet. One of the great things about memory keeping is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You can make it work for YOU and that’s what I’ve done with the Project Life system of memory keeping. Each month begins with a calendar page and then includes a combination of pocket pages and traditional pages to record the photos and events…

The Creative Scrapbooker Magazine design team has teamed up with our friends over at Clearsnap to provide you with TWO weeks of INKY-TASTIC inspiration!!!!!!!!! This is the PRE-PARTY for National Scrapbooking Day on May 7th!  I love PRE – PARTYING! You need to visit the blog EVERY DAY for the next two weeks!!!!!!!!  Seriously!!!!! – CLICK HERE Here is just a little taste of what has been posted so far! Jump on over to the Clearsnap blog – CLICK HERE  for daily inspiration AND TO ENTER TO WIN an inky MUST HAVE prize package! Happy Scrapbooking everyone! GUESS WHAT – you can now purchase Creative Scrapbooker Magzine at Barnes & Noble! Get your Spring copy today! We are just about SOLD OUT!

Planning and Organizing Your Project Life Scrapbooks with Cathy Caines I am a chronological scrapbooker. I mix traditional layouts and pocket pages. I don’t like to scrapbook in “order”. I jump from date to date, month to month – whatever inspires me in the moment. So, how can I achieve this without feeling overwhelmed? Ah ha. My “In Progress” album. It is my planner of scrapbooks. The “In Progress” album is a system I developed for myself but I know there are other memory keepers like me out there… and you need my help. It is an album that holds all my incomplete pages (and some completed pages) until they are ready to move into their final albums. It kind of looks like this – lots of Post-its™! How does this work? Once a month, I go through the following process: Step 1: Delete any photos that are taking up…

  I’ve been experimenting with different shapes and sizes in my scrapbook albums lately. For awhile now I’ve been mixing the traditional pages with the Project Life pages. It takes a lot of organizing to be able to do so if you are a chronological scrapbooker like myself. I use an In Progress album to help keep me straight since I don’t scrapbook chronologically despite organizing that way. One way that I found helped when mixing traditional and pocket style scrapbooking by only using Design A pocket style pages such as in the picture above. By using this style only I knew that vertical photos were to be printed 3×4 and horizontal pictures were to be printed 4×6. However, lately I’ve been loving the new Stampin’ Up! pocket page protectors – Variety Pack 2. There are three sizes including one 12×12, another 8×11 and another 6×12. The picture above shows…

It’s 7am and I’ve just gotten home from an early morning bootcamp. I’ve never understood “those people” that are up at the crack of dawn until now. I get it. I’ve showered, exercised and I already have a load of laundry in the washer while the children are still dreaming of lollipops and rainbows. Productivity at its finest. But the best part of this new routine is that I have a few moments of peace with a steaming hot cup of coffee before chaos ensues. I usually catch up on some blog reading or update my to do lists. Today is a little different and quite delightful. I have a brand new Stampin’ Up! catalogue to devour. I will be making a large wish list with my new ‘be amazing’ pen and it feels like Christmas. You got it. June 2nd is “New Catalogue Release Day.” I was lucky enough to have…

Today on our blog, we welcome our guest Mandy Bopp, who uses Project Life to scrapbook her travels. When I finished Graduate school 10 years ago, I took a whirlwind trip to Europe. It was rather spur of the moment and the kind of trip you would only ever take as a young, single, new graduate! It was a glorious 8 days of plane hopping from Rome, to Paris, to Glasgow, to London. It was late nights, tons of walking, sleeping in hostels, and soaking up everything I could in each city. It was so exhilarating that I do not remember being tired for one single moment! Now as a mom of 3 young kids, I certainly don’t have the energy, time or money for that kind of trip in the near future! For the past 10 years, my pictures have sat neatly in a photo album with the rest…

It’s 2015 and guess what? I got another year older. This year, my aging friends and I decided to have a DIY gift exchange (don’t ask… we don’t even know what we were trying to achieve). With little time and my box of new Stampin’ Up! goodies from the Occasions catalog, I created my gift… several years of embarrassing pictures in one tiny album. Introducing…. the amazing “So You Project Kit” from Stampin’ Up! This kit comes with twenty 4×4” page protectors, a mini kraft album, “wood-sy” patterned paper, washi, wood veneers, window sheets, epoxy stickers.. and so much more! Sorry… embarrassing photos are not included! I am not re-inventing the wheel here but instead providing you a quick an easy way to cross off your New Years Scrapbooking Resolutions’ Project List. I am always looking for an easy way for everything – rather than get out my sewing machine…

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