sandra dower


…so here we are again, ready to visit another creative space, the last Where You Create of September! I feel we just rolled into this month and here we are ready to flip the calendar page again! Does anyone else feel this year is simply zipping along too fast? As I continue to share beautiful scrapbooking rooms, I need to spend a bit more time organizing my own space…it’s the never-ending dilemma of “not enough hours in the day”! Today we are re-visiting Sandra Dower’s creative space! We shared Sandra’s scrapbooking room back in August of 2014, I LOVE that she has sent some more pictures of a smaller space as she transitions to a new larger craft room. Sandra says: “I love seeing everyone’s scrapbook rooms!  So many great ideas. I had my room on Where You Create August 15, 2014 Since then I have moved to a smaller…

  VIP Zoom Crop
  Friday, July 23
  1:00pm – 9:00pm

You will need the ZOOM App on your computer or phone.
Link will be available closer to the date.