Scrapbooking supplies


Kim here today with a twist on our WHERE YOU CREATE feature. It’s time to get organized on the move! Let’s go to a retreat! I tried desperately to post this feature last weekend while at a retreat; but alas I failed! The wifi at our retreat was at best unreliable and well honestly, my brain was squirrelling every minute into conversations and laughs with the wonderful group of people I was spending my time with! Trust me…there are way worse evils in the world than what was my dilemma! BIG PHOTO SHARE So today, we will have a big photo share. A share of how “my peeps” pack and lug all of their scrapbooking supplies to a retreat. THIS is real life! Some are very organized, some are very random and some…well, bring everything but the kitchen sink! I “hang” with some incredibly talented people, so I figure if…

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  Friday, August 20th
  1:00pm – 9:00pm

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