Tuesdays with the Team


ETA:  So sorry for the delay, everyone!  The holiday messed up my calendar – I thought TOMORROW was Tuesday! 🙁 Today, we’re starting a new blog series, called Where We Scrap.  Over the next 10 weeks, our bloggers will share their scrapping spaces with you.  With the new year, maybe you’ll find some ideas to help with your resolution of keeping your scrap space organized! 🙂 ~ Sue My Scrapbook Space by Jayme Loge  Happy New Year Scrapbookers! I wish you health, happiness and love for 2013 :0) I am the lucky lady that gets to start off our new blog series on our scrapbook spaces.  My space has been through many, many transformations and adaptations, but the current set up is one I love. It is right in the middle of our family room, and is a space I share with my daughter’s toys, and all our family activities.…