Week #5


If you did the Week 4 Challenge you’ve started a catalog of dies.  Now we’ll follow the similar steps and add your stamps.  There is no need to create a separate catalog for stamps, in fact you’ll find that having all your “tools” listed together by theme/sentiment/season will help you use them more often. What your need: Additional pages for your catalog (see week 4) Ink Printer/Copy Machine – optional Labels/Marker/Sticky Notes/Adhesive Clear Pockets or Tabbed Divider Pockets (TDP) Storage containers for your stamps What to do: Step 1 – Gather all your stamps together – or as many as you can find. Step 2 – Sort stamps by size. Step 3 – Fill your storage containers – try to keep like sizes together. Use pockets to make everything in each section a uniform size. Step 4 – Label storage containers/pockets with a number – more details on this in…

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