Wendy King


Brrrrrrr…it is NOT a toasty January day in Alberta. For those of you in a deep freeze…stay warm, for the rest of you…invite us for coffee! Most of us have settled back into routine after the holidays and I am happy to be bringing back more creative spaces in 2015! As we look into Wendy King’s room today, I hope you will consider sending in some pictures of your space so we can share ideas with like-minded scrapbookers throughout Canada and across our borders! Yay…I am so excited to send you pictures of my haven. I have been a scrapbooker for over 20 years and my home has my PERFECT scrapbook space. My favourite things are… My Paula Deen Gathering Table; high and perfect!!! I don’t get a sore back anymore. My Expedit Shelf from IKEA: Turquoise: Frames, I LOVE frames: I have spent years trying figuring out what…