This is one of my very favourite retreats that is available in Alberta – it’s called Scrapbook Your Heart and is organized by the lovely Allison Orthner. This retreat is all about exploring your inner thoughts, faith and friendship. Although I have never been able to attend this event I have heard many wonderful heartfelt stories from friends who have. It is definately an event that is on my “TO DO LIST”

Check out the Scrapbook Your Heart website for all the details on there upcoming events and projects they have planned!

We are thrilled to have Scrapbook Your Heart as one of our sponsors for the


Thank you so much Allison for sponsoring The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnivals and for joining our team to make the weekends a huge ball of scrapbooking FUN!!!!!

We truly appreciate your support!

For more information on The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnivals visit our website! We look forward to shopping, scrapbooking and eating cupcakes with you all!


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