WINNER UPDATE – Lesley Bozic from Sudbury, Ontario


It’s a great day to win!!!! Win this fabulous prize package from Jillibean Soup!


Do 2 things to win

1. Leave a comment right here

2. Visit Jillibean Soup on facebook – tell them CS sent you – Click here

Good luck everyone – you have until Friday Feb 03 to enter!

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    Sharon Gullikson Reply

    I’ve loved seeing your new goodies at the CHA this week. Nice people, too.

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    Great prize package from Jillibean Soup! Thanks for these great Why No Win Wednesdays!!!

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    Jennifer Maughan Reply

    Great Prize I love it~~~~~ Thanks for such a great prize!

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    Deb Fagnant Reply

    Visited Jillibean Soup and mentioned that you might of sent me there. <3

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    Becky Litz Reply

    so Cute! Love Jillybean Soup! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Great prize giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win some Jillibean Soup.

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    Claude Campeau Reply

    I love Jillibean Soup, thanks for the chance to win this!

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    Terri Rossignol Reply

    Love the colours!! Spring is in the air with this collection!! Good luck to all and congrats to the winner 🙂

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    Nathalie Jakubik Reply

    Gorgeous paper! Would love to get my hands on this one 🙂

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    Angela torres Reply

    This is my first time seeing this product and I totally love it.

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    Awesome prize package! visual ideas are happening thks for chance to win

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    Kimberley Werezak Reply

    What a cute line, I LOVE it!!! And Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

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    beautiful colours and patterns…. I would love to win some Jillibean Soup paper…thanks for the chance!

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    Sheryl Kloke Reply

    I just love Jillibean Soup! Thanks for the opportunity to win some yummy soup!

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    Love jillibean Soup! I would love to win this package and create a beautiful page!! thank-you for your wonderful magazine…such an inspiration!

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    Julie Shearer Reply

    I visit JilliBean everyday. Great prize package thanks for a chance to win .

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    Pretty darn cute! Will make great Life Album papers for Foster children! 🙂

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    Rexene Lockyer Reply

    What a wonderful prize….love, love, love Jillibean Soup!

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    Agnes Vanspronsen Reply

    This will be awesome to add to my growing soup collection. I love Jillibean!

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    would love to win this.. CUTE CUTE CUTE..go Jillibean keep the cute paper coming in..
    makes me keep buying Jillibean

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    Awww… i SOOO love all Jillibean Soup collections and products but i rarely get to play with them since my LSS doesn’t often carry them and i don’t often order online. So maybe this is my big chance! 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win! I’m already a fan of JS on Facebook and i’m definitely going to go say HI tonight when i get home from work (Facebook is a big NO NO from work!) 😛

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    Anita Price Reply

    I LOVE Jillibean Soup! wold love to win this! Thanks for the chance 🙂

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    Jilliebean paperpack what a great way to get inspired for spring!

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    Heather Getson Reply

    Beautiful collection!Thanks a million for the wonderful opportunity.

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    Nathalie O Reply

    I adore Jillibean, fingers crossed that I win this package…

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    I love jellybean soup …such bright fun colors ….thank you so much for a chance to win:)

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    Shawna Patterson Reply

    Glad I found your site! Wonderful paper and love the why not win Wednesdays!

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    Thanks again for yet another chance at winning an awesome prize!

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    Carol Douglass Reply

    This collection is so bright and cheery…a reminder that Spring cannot be too far off. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Wendy Van Soest Reply

    So hungry for this Jillibean Soup ! Thanks for the chance to win !!

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    Mira Davis Reply

    oh, how I LOVE LOVE Jillybean soup! Thanks you for the chance to win 🙂

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    This stuff looks fab….I would love to win it! BTW….Canadian Scrapbooker Mag sent me. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Robin Titus Reply

    Love this line! I get so excited for new stuff, it never gets old, maybe it’s an obsession.

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    Dawn Woolf Reply

    Love this set! So many ideas floating through my head! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Carly McLaren Reply

    I don’t think I have used Jillibean before….surprising since it is soooo adorable. I will need to look for this in the future for sure. WOuld love to win 🙂

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    What a terrific looking prize package. Thanks to CS and Jillibean for the chance to enter!

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    CS sent me. Have never used this product. I need something new to try.

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    Wow, looks pretty cool. I’ve never heard of Jellysoup before, I will have to get to that cite! 😀 Thanks for sharing all the awesome businesses and products CMS 😀

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    I love love love Jillibean Soup! Thanks for the chance to win CS!

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    Thanks for the opportunity. JB is one of my FAVORITE companies!

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    Joanne gerbrandt Reply

    How I love this prize package, what a great Company . Canadian Scrpbook you rock too.

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    Angela Bagley Reply

    I’ve never heard of this company so it would be fun to try it out 🙂

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    What a wonderful, wonderful prize! I love Jillibean! I commented on their FB page as well!

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    Julie McNeil Reply

    What a fantastic prize! I just love Jillibean Soup. Oh, oh, pick me!!

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    Deanna Foy Reply

    what a cute collection! love the buttons and the old fashioned sewing machine! hope I win!

  46. Avatar
    Denise Shepley Reply

    Love to look at new products. Such fun to imagine what I could do with it.

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    Marilyn Ritchie Reply

    I love the fun of Jillibean Soup! Thanks Jackie and CS

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    Peggy Coffey Reply

    The colours and patterns are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win this great collection by Jillibean Soup!

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    Love the Jillibean! Would love a chance to win. Thank you for opportunity.

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    Jillibean Soup always has such cute collections. I would love to scrap with this!

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    I Love Why Not Win Wednesday and I love the JilliBean Soup lines….Thanks again for the chance to win these awesome prizes.

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    Angela Grandy Reply

    Love JilliBean soup, would love to win. As usual you guys are awesome!

  53. Kim Gowdy

    LOVE why not win WED-Thursdays! Of course the paper is gorgeous too! Thanks CS & Jillibean Soup!

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    I don’t have any Jillibean Soup products!! Would love to win this very vibrant prize package. Thanks CS for the chance to win and thanks to Jillibean Soup for being this week’s sponsor!!

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    Brenda Nelson Reply

    Just love the idea that there is a place for canadians to be part of great contests and giveaways, I am always so disappointed when Isee a contest in a magazine, then find out I don’t live in the right place, Way to go Canadian Scrapbookers, you are my newest and only mag from now on. Looking forward to a long and lasting friendship.

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    Betty Anne Orr Reply

    I’d love me some Jillibean Soup, thanks for the chance to win. I’m off to say hi to them on FB.

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    Vicky Fortier Reply

    There’s soooo much that I could do with this package. It’s really beautiful!

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    Friday sounds like a great day to have some Jillibean Soup. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, good!

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    I love this new set. I would be able to make some nice cards for SAS4KIDSCanada from these. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

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    Pamela Spradlin Reply

    Jillibean paper has the best designs. I have been to facebook and left them a message that you sent me.

  61. Avatar
    Marilyn Pearen Reply

    I love Win Wednesdays. Would be very excited to win Jillibean paper

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    Danielle Higginbottom-Brown Reply

    I love Jillibean Soup!!!! Fabulous prize!!!

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    Natasha G.P. Reply

    They have nice papers, stamps, and other embellishments. Thanks for showing us.

  64. Avatar
    sharon gullikson Reply

    JBS comes out with some great designs. Their papers are really thick and rich, too. Nice line.

  65. Avatar

    Those look like cool buttons. I hope to see them up close so I can see the detail. Very nice.

  66. Avatar
    Brenda Banks Reply

    super cute, and I even see a sewing machine embelishment that I sure could use as I love to sew too. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    Danica Pegoraro Reply

    Well this is a popular product I see!!! I am “newer” to scrapbooking and am not familiar with all the popular products but this shows me to look into this one…wowzers!

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    Danica Pegoraro Reply

    I am “newer” to scrapbooking so I am not familiar with all the must haves’ of scrapbooking products but according to the outstanding response to this one Jillibean Soup is one to have in my stash and on my pages!!!!

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    This is really nice of CS to of sent me here…wow..what a perky bright colored kit you have for one lucky winner…

    Thanks for giving me a chance to win this

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    Joanne Orchard Reply

    Hi ~ This would be a great gift idea and a project I could do with my significant other’s daughter. She’s 10 years old and loves to scrapbook!!! She would LOVE this!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity to win 🙂

  71. Avatar
    Beth Griffith Reply

    I need to start scrapbooking my little granddaughter’s pictures, and this is the perfect kit…so “little girly”. Love, love, love it.