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Welcome to Part 7 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Christy Riopel is sharing her space.


Hi all, welcome to my studio. I am very blessed to have such an amazing space. It is basically our bonus room and overlooks the front of our house.

Here is the entrance to my space. The door you see is my laundry room. The shelf unit is two units stacked on top of each other.

In these drawers, I store all my scrapbooking stash, like stickers and rub-ons and such.

On top I store some extra craft supplies and handmade papers. This is a basket of finished cards ready to use.

The next wall is filled with shelving and stores a whole bunch of stuff.

Baskets filled with tools.

Rubber cling and acrylic/polymer stamps are stored on plastic file folders.  My Stamper’s Anonymous stamps are in their binders and stacked beside are all my background stamps.

This is all my leftover assorted chipboard. They are sorted by letter and shape type. This makes it really easy to see what letters I have for a word.

In the closed cupboards is class supply stuff that isn’t pretty to look at, but inside the door I have put sticky back magnetic sheets to store all my metal dies.

In the middle of the shelf is all my Canadian Scrapbooker magazines so I can reach them at a moment’s notice….and a jar with adhesive refills.  In the basket above that I have all the rest of my Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L!!!

 The next wall has my technology and a counter space with a power bar foam taped to the top for easy use.

In file folders underneath is where I store my design team product by the manufacturer.

I also store my cardstock here.

All my brads and bits are stored in clear fishing tackle containers making it easy to see what I have.

The best part of this wall is my TV. I love to watch movies when I am working, or should I say, listen to movies.

Then we move to my wall of windows!!

I have a great view and tons of natural light. I have a great scrap desk that was a hand-me-down from a friend right in the centre of it.

I love the see-thru top that lets me see what is in my drawers. I filled these drawers with stuff I use all the time. Like flowers, buttons and glitter…..

… And pens, markers and such.

I have also hung on these walls sock sorters from Ikea and used them as stamp shelves for all my wood mount stamps.

This last wall has my big table/desk area that I work on.

Above it I have curtain wires hung across. I used to use this as a “clip-it-up” type system but I found it too cluttered looking for me, and I have switched to using it to display my favourite/most recent pages. It is much nicer to look at.

On my table you will find a collection of metal tubs and baskets that house things I use the most, like ink pads, markers, paint, washi tapes, sprays, a big basket filled with gesso, mediums, glues and such at arms reach!!!

Beside my table are totes full of albums, shipping materials and other stuff.  On top of that, a big basket that has finished and non- finished mini-albums, art journals and smash books.

There is also a bucket of leftover and found objects for my art journals.

On the other side are three buckets of ribbon; sorted by warm/cool/and neutral colours.

I spool the ribbon around cardstock when I take it out of the packages so they don’t get tangled. Big spools I just throw in as is.

Here are my book shelves from Pottery barn. They used to hold kids books in the girls room, but when they out grew them I gladly repurposed them to hold books and magazines in my room.

Lastly you might have noticed the chair at weird angle to the room. That is Spike’s chair.  He sits there and watches to world go by and lets me know if anyone is coming to visit.

As you can see I am really blessed to have such a huge space!! I even can put up folding tables in the middle of the room and have space for 8 more comfortably. I often hold small private classes in here and some evenings it is not unusual for my whole family to come and hang out. Thanks for coming to visit!!


To see Christy’s work, please visit her blog:  Creating a Life I Love to Share


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  1. Connie Nichol Reply

    so much space!!!! Lucky girl, looks fabulous!!! And so happy to meet Spike!

  2. Mindy Hamel Reply

    Oh my, that glass top desk… I could faint!!!!! Great space, Christy!!!!!

  3. Oh wow do you need a roommate? lol Gorgeous you’d have aheck of time geeting me out of there! Beautifula and so well orgnized! TF!

  4. Thanks for the tour, Christy. I always like to poke around someone else’s space for ideas and the “hey! I have that too!” moments.

  5. Jennifer Reynard Reply

    Your studio space is a dream come true for any scrapbooker!! You have totally hit the nail on the head for organizing everything!! Amazing!

  6. I am in love with your room! So nicely organized! What a great idea for your chipboard letters!! Love it all!I love to watch (listen) to movies while I scrapbook/make cards! I really love how you have your layouts hanging on the wall!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Thanx for sharing Christy. It’s nice to see how others tackle organization but yet be realistic enough that it remain a space you’re comfortable to mess up and get creative in 🙂

  8. ok…I am officially cancelling MY studio tour. WOW. This is FANTASTIC….you are an organizational wizard!! You have 2 weeks to come to Edmonton to fix up my space lol

  9. Wow, love how organized your space is…I have been tweaking my space on a monthly basis but have decided the room needs to be a bit larger. Thinking about finishing my basement to incorporate a new space. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world.

  10. Victoria K Reply

    Brilliant brilliant idea with the plastic folders and stamps!!! Where oh where did you pick those up! ??? I have the same stamps as you the unity SMAK kit… And need to store them in a better way! This seems perfect!!! Help??? TIA 😉

  11. Linda shewchuk Reply

    I love what u have done and see that u have it set up just for you with everything within reach. I too love my tv (I listen too) or my kids watch

    Love the clear folder holders as well. Thanks for sharing

  12. You have a awesome craft room….. its lovely that ur showing ur space to us….

  13. How I wish I had a space I could fully devote to crafting. I too, like Victoria K., are wondering where you picked up those plastic file folders you store your acrylic stamps in?

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