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Guess what? It’s the last Friday of February! Spring is just around the corner, I can smell it! Are you getting more light shining in your craft rooms…I am [*insert singing*]! Today we are heading to British Columbia to step into a wonderful craft room…here we go!


My name is Deb Clark. I live on an acreage west of Victoria, B.C., near the community of Sooke. I started scrapbooking about 12 years ago, and have been making cards for the last 5 years. I have also started playing with a few mixed media projects. My craft room is in one of our main floor bedrooms.

This is the view when you walk in the door. This is an old wooden, kitchen table that has a 4 foot by 6.5 foot piece of ash veneer wood on top. It extends over top of the two white cabinets below. It is very sturdy, and gives me lots of room to work. It also serves as an awesome cutting island! I store my paper cutting dies, plates, and paper cutter in the top drawer on the left side.

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This shows the paper racks I purchased from a local scrapbooking store that used to be nearby. They are worth their weight in gold, though I sure miss the scrapbooking store.

@csmscrapbooker #whereyoucreate #DebClark #Febrary2016

The white cabinets are actually closet organizers I purchased from Home Depot several years ago. Each has a set of four drawers, giving me lots of room to store treasures. I have a fourth one [behind me in this view] which I use to store office supplies. I love them! As you can see, I can store several clear containers on top of them.

@csmscrapbooker #whereyoucreate #DebClark #Febrary2016

Here is a close up view of my clear plastic storage containers. They are shoe boxes with lids that I purchased from the Real Canadian Superstore several years ago. I used my Cricut machine to cut the ovals, and created labels for the supplies. If I want to change anything, I only need to remove the cardstock oval, as the labels are not stuck directly to the containers. I also have several containers from Michael’s craft store beside them.

@csmscrapbooker #whereyoucreate #DebClark #Febrary2016

I also have pantry cupboards on either side of my book shelf. I keep my Canadian Scrapbooker magazines very handy to my workspace.

@csmscrapbooker #whereyoucreate #DebClark #Febrary2016

When I first had this space, I used to call it my “girl cave”. My darling husband renamed it my “bird cage”, which is why I have a couple of bird cages on top of one of the pantry cupboards.  J We still call it the “bird cage”.

I hope you have enjoyed my craft room tour. Now, it’s time for me to go and mess up that table!!!

Sincerely, Deb Clark




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  1. This is an awesome workspace except being in that space I imagine all work is more like play!

  2. Glenda Thorne Reply

    Loving all the space, organization and bright light. Hoping you got messy and had fun.

  3. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I assure you the room doesn’t look like that today…sigh!

  4. Suzan Clark Reply

    This is your sister-in-law. Can you help me organize my quilting room??? then the laundry room … oh, then there’s … just kidding, looks great Deb!

  5. Thanks Dear Sister-in-Law Suzan!

    Would you come and spend some time with me in this room once I get it to look like this again? Hugs!!!

  6. Gail Richard Reply

    An absolutely very well organized room with lots of storage space. Very well thought out. Love the big table in the middle. Happy Crafting! !

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