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Paper can often be the most overwhelming part of our craft supply collection.  Many paper crafters have thousands of sheets of paper. I like to start with paper because it is the supply we use on almost every project.  Which means, you’ll also get the most benefit, most of the time, from getting it organized. What you need: Vertical Paper Storage Boxes Label Tabs/Sticky Notes – I prefer plastic, flexible notes over paper. Dividers 12×12 Paper Pockets, SuperSized Singles, Sideloader Singles or Collection Keepers ScrapMasters, File Folders or Scrap Pockets Themes & Sentiments list you created last week Why Vertical Paper Storage Boxes – Vertical simply takes up less space on your workspace while at the same time giving you easiest access during both organizing/sorting, and crafting. Paper Pockets, SuperSized Singles, Sideloader Singles or Collection Keepers You’ll use these to keep “collections”of  paper together.  All of these that listed are…

Welcome to the 12 week Get Organized Challenge. I’m so glad you’re here.  Our goal this week is to set a foundation for getting and staying organized. Why are you doing this? Identifying why you want to get and stay organized is a necessity for success. “I want to get organized because… I feel overwhelmed when I try to craft, and it’s not fun anymore, I want crafting to be fun again. I feel like I’m wasting most of my crafting time looking for supplies instead of crafting, I want to get more done during my crafting time. I want to have friends and family come over and craft with me, but I don’t have space for them right now. I have invested lots of money in my craft supplies, I want to feel like I’m getting the value for the money spent. I’d love to travel to crafting events,…

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