Cheryle Newsome


Guess what? It’s Friday again; which means we get to peek into another creative space! This week we are staying in Alberta. We are heading to Watervalley to visit Cheryle Newsome! Hi! I saw on Facebook where you will be showing our craft rooms every Friday. Here’s a peek into mine.  I live in an old farmhouse in the foothills of Alberta, near Watervalley.  The main floor has two bedrooms. When we moved in, the previous owner had removed the closet; from what is my craft room, to enlarge the master closet. I utilized the remaining door frame as temporary shelving until we decide to fix it up. My most coveted piece is the large tilting, adjustable work table from Ikea. It comes complete with a window so I can use it as a built in light box for any tracing or light embossing.   Above my curtains, I have strung all of the…

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