Donna Mather


Here we are…the last week of January! The days are noticeably lighter; longer and we are one month closer to Spring. We have had an abnormally wonderful, warm month here in Alberta and my heart goes our to our friends in the East who are struggling through lots of snow this week. Hang in there…YOU TOO are one month closer to Spring! Although we aren’t holding a shovel to clear your driveway, we feel your pain. As Canadians we ALL know to well that Mother Nature has her own agenda, we are never to sure who she’ll pick on until it happens! For now…pay her no attention, it’s time to see where Donna Mather creates! Thanks for sharing your space with us Donna! Remember…we LOVE getting your pictures. Tell us in a few words why you love your space, share your favourite storage ideas and let us take a peek! We,…