Melitta Ball


Hi Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! I have wanted to share my space with you for some time, but it is never cleaned up! Well yesterday was a banner day! I have been designing classes to share with my local girlfriends; yesterday I completed the kits so for once, it was clean enough for pictures! When we bought our home, my husband offered 1/2 of the rec room for my scrapbooking space! I was shocked! He purchased two 8′ sections of counter top and installed them at one end of the room.  I purchased the paper shelves from my uncle’s shop when he retired; my cousin sold scrapbooking supplies and taught classes there. I have my Mom’s old, solid dining table as my main table and two 8’ folding tables for friends. I have almost 3/4 of the rec room! He has a TV and couch at the other end, not much…