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WINNER UPDATE – congratulations to Mel Stonehouse – this weeks lucky winner!!!!

YAHOOOOO! It’s Wednesday!  and we love giving stuff away every single Wednesday!  Today we are giving away THIS FABULOSA collection of IZINKS pigment inks from Clearsnap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh the stuff you can do with these magical inks!!!! It will knock your socks off!!!!



To enter to win this contest leave a comment right here under this blog post.

  1. Visit Clearsnap on facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!
  2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

You have until Friday July 25th at midnight to enter! TIP TO ENTER – You just need to check the box that says “I’d rather post as guest” and then you don’t have to do anything but put in your name and email address.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. merry erin Reply

    so want to win so i can use some of the techniques i’ve learned from cathy allan!

  2. starting to love the use of inks on my projects and having this collection would be fab!

  3. Kimberly S. Reply

    Awesome giveaway and chance to pump up my scrapbooking! 🙂

  4. Not even sure how these are officially used my mind is already in high gear how to!

  5. Kathleen Thompson Reply

    Love working with inks. This would be a fabulous set to have and use!

  6. Ohhlala!! Wouldn’t this be great to win. A new product to play with!

  7. Would love to win Izinks by Clearsnaps thank for the opportunity

  8. Lisa Posthumus Reply

    I have never tried them. I would love to win, thanks again for Win it Wednesdays.

  9. Debbie Siddle Reply

    Would be very handy indeed to own these. Thanks a lot for the chance to win.

  10. Oh wow-love these fabulous, lively colours-I’d be thrilled to win!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  11. What a fun prize pack! Thanks for the chance to win sme great Izinks!

  12. Those look so cool!
    I can see so many creative ways to use them, and learn a few more skills 🙂

  13. Karen Young Reply

    Wow, what a great prize!! I hope luck is on my side!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Dee Hamoen Reply

    I love the bright colours. These would add to my very small collection of sprays…so I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

  15. Desiree gillespie Reply

    Went and said hello! Thanks for a chance for the Wednesday give away!! #fingerscrossed

  16. Regena Odle Reply

    Love Clearsnap products. I use the inks all the time. Awesome colors and quality. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. kath White Reply

    Love the colors of ink here!! Would love to win this prize!!

  18. Laurie Finch Reply

    I have been dying to try these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Kellie Cherwenuk Dignean Reply

    I haven’t tried these inks yet…would be awesome to win them!!!

  20. Leslie Loutit Reply

    Good morning! What a great giveaway as I have not tried these ink as yet. I would love to try. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  21. barbara macaskill Reply

    I have been dying to try these inks out and would love to win them! I left Clearsnap lots of love on Facebook and will be keeping my fingers crossed hoping to see my name in the winner’s circle for this fabulous prize package! Thanks for the chance to dream a little dream!

  22. Gail Cooke Reply

    Done! It would be awesome to have more scrapbooing stuff. I’m running out 🙁

  23. Debra Parminter Reply

    Just learning to use inks in my scrapbooking 🙂 This would be awesome!

  24. Bethany Hoskin Reply

    Oh man, the inking I could do with those inks is making me think I would get a kink in my neck from playing with ink while I drink! Great prize!

  25. Sarina Coffin Reply

    Squeeee!!!1 I love these izinks and have so many ways I could use them on my layouts and cards! Thank you CS for the opportunity to win them.

  26. Carol Walkling Reply

    What beautiful colours! Inks are something I’ve been thinking of trying on my scrap layouts – this would be a perfect prize to get me started! 🙂

  27. Shelley Lange Reply

    I love ink! You can do so much with it! This is a great prize to experiment my projects! Thanks for the chance!!!

  28. Vicki Poole Reply

    Wow excited! Haven’t tried these but have been drooling over them in the stores and magazines!

  29. Sharon Gullikson Reply

    AYE CARRUMBA, I would love these. The colors look amazing!

  30. Love the color spectrum of all these bottles…reminds me of the rainbow I saw last night. I would love a chance to experiment with these. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  31. Lori Kelly Reply

    Ohhhh!! As a graphic design student I can see all sorts of things I could create with these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Kris Ohanu Reply

    Love the colors and the quality ~~ and love all the ideas I can see for my future projects too 😀

  33. Sandy Heringer Reply

    Wow, I’ve wanted to try these for awhile. They look awesome.

  34. These colours are absolutely beautiful – They are on my radar, haven’t found them anywhere.

  35. Ms Wendy Bradford Reply

    Wow what a great prize thanks for the chance to win. xx

  36. Rose Stannell Reply

    I have been wanting to try these inks. Pick me……please!

  37. Wow! Beautiful colours! These would be a lovely addition to the craft room.

  38. Would love to try these inks – there is so much one can do with inks.

  39. I haven’t used ‘I zinks’ before, but love the looks you can achieve. Would love to win to give it a try!!! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  40. Holly Mann Reply

    Amazing colours, thinking of all the things I could do with these.

  41. I hope I’m lucky!! I’m going to try one more time… lol
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Melinda Readman Reply

    Ooooh, love the colours. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  43. Kim Street Reply

    What a great giveaway! I love inks and these colors are great. I’ve sent a hello to ClearSnap also. Already a follower of theirs and I like their stuff. Thanks for the chance to win lovely products.

  44. Phyllis Ikerd Salesman Reply

    ooolala! A full collection all at one time would be so wonderful.

  45. These look gorgeous!! Would love to win these and use them in my art journals.

  46. In the States this week and needed a touch of Canada. And Why Not Win Wednesday was just the way to touch base with home life. And what a great prize.

  47. These look so so so awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  48. Would love to win these! Those bottles are so cute all by themselves!

  49. Mary Longberry Reply

    Wow. What an amazing giveaway. Would love these IZINKS from Clearsnap!! Want to try using inks and gosh this would so be the opportunity. Thank you for a chance!!

  50. Such a beautiful array of color; and, of course they are from Clearsnap! I am already thinking of all the opportunities to use this fabulous collection!

  51. Linda Tupper Reply

    Whhhoooo Hooo!!!!!What a wonderful give away! I would be SO happy to be able to own some inks. Thank you so much for a chance. I visited clearsnap and said Hello from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

  52. Jennifer F Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome set of inks!!!! They look like a lot of fun – I would love to play with them!

  53. janet chinn Reply

    Would I ever love to win these inks, they are just what I need!

  54. Would Love To Win. Me and my mom love to scrap book
    We would love to try with ink
    Good luck to everyone (fingers crossed)

  55. gee! i think this would be the ‘jumpstart’ i need to get back to at least cardmaking!!!
    what a wonderful gift

  56. those are pretty colors i would love to win some thanks for the chance to win something

  57. Carla Hundley Reply

    Great bunch of inks to
    win here! I left them
    a message on FB also.
    Carla from Utah

  58. Bailey Dexter Reply

    Great for all the projects that I am wondering how should I do them!

  59. L.r. Smith Reply

    Me likie.. alot!! I would love to win this.. I don’t have any of these goodies and would love to try them.. THANKS for the GIVE~AWAY.. as always.. they’re awesome!!

  60. Candace Robichaud Reply

    ooooh those look like they would be so fun to play with!!

  61. Wow…what an awesome prize!! The colors look amazing…would love the chance to win and try them out!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  62. Samantha Allkins Reply

    I already loved Clearsnap but thank you for sending me to their page and reminding me why 🙂

  63. Danelle lux Reply

    I have not tried these inks would love to play and experiment!

  64. Diane OGrady Reply

    Would love to have those they would perfectly with
    All my cards making

  65. Denise Luscan Reply

    I absolutely NEED these! Thanks so much for the chance to win them!!

  66. Karen McNamara Reply

    Great product and a great contest. Thanks for a chance to win!

  67. Now that would be a wonderful birthday present for me. I never win anything so this would be a first.

  68. bearsmother Reply

    Love to try new inks. Clearsnap makes great products so I know these would be wonderful too. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m selected as the lucky person.

  69. Melisa McKee Reply

    Ohhhhh my goodnesssssss!!!!! Who wouldn’t want to win these yummies!!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win they are all gorgeous

  70. OMG I would love to win this looks so cool and I love the colors!! thanks

  71. Bonnie MacGillivray Reply

    Would love to win these inks…the colors are great!!

  72. Maureen Murdock Reply

    These look like fun, I would love to win these. I like trying new things.

  73. These are new to me! Sure would love to play and experiment with them!

  74. How awesome to win would be? I know I would love it! Thanks for the chance. Love new goodies!!!!

  75. Janet Hickey-Trim Reply

    This would be such a grand prize to win. I love their inks and could really get creative with this infusion of colour to my dewindling supply of inks. Thanks for a chance to win this prize. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  76. Catherine Harding Reply

    I have been learning lately about doing mixed media journaling, jewelry making and scrapbooking. I am just starting to collect all the necessary items to help inhance each craft and I would love to win these inks! Thank you!

  77. Joanne Giesbrect Scott Reply

    Hello’s have been sent 🙂 thanks for the chance to win awesome products

  78. Kristen Lloyd Reply

    Wow these are awesome. My bestie has a set and I’d love my own to play with 🙂

  79. Great colours! Would love this prize! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  80. Sophie Frizzell Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win that colourful yumminess. I will have to keep my eye out for that coming out over here.

  81. What a wonderful line up of IZINKS…would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  82. I’ve seen lots of giveaways this week through my blog hoppin’ but this one is tough to beat! I would be so thrilled to bring all these beautiful colours home!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. stefanie haluk Reply

    I would really love to try these. i think my projects would look amazing with these added.

  84. Wendy Whyte Reply

    These look amaing and I would love to try them. The colours are phenominal! Would be thrilled to receive these. 🙂

  85. Helmi Switzer Reply

    WOW this is the best give away. Thanks for the chance to win it.
    I love Clearsnap and of course love love Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!!

  86. Cathie Smith Reply

    Wow ! I can just see all the magical cards I could make if I won these!

  87. So excited! Would be a great day to win and play with my daughter in the craft room! Love clear snap thanks for a chance to win! And thanks for all the inspiration Canadian Scrapbooker!

  88. Would love to take these babies out for a test drive!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  89. These look so cool! I would love to win them and I said Hello from you to Clearsnap

  90. These are so pretty!! They would help me get out of my color rut. Great prize to win, thank you.

  91. What a wonderful prize! These colors look absolutely delicious 😀 Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. Erin Gettler Reply

    The colours are so bright and vivid. Would love to win 🙂

  93. My scrapping friends and I have never seen these before! These look like hours of fun!

  94. Debra Vineyard Reply

    Beautiful array of candy colors! Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs, Debra

  95. Ink, ink, ink! Visited the FB page and would love to win. Lots of fun and creativity in small bottles 🙂

  96. Such bright and fun colours! Would love to win these. Already thinking of some projects I could use them on!

  97. I would dearly love to win thess inks; they look GORGEOUS! I cannot get Clearsnap products in our local outlets. I want to play with these!

  98. Pamela Harvey Reply

    What cool colours. I think I could do so much with them. My daughter will absolutely love helping me create some amazing cards and picture frames. I would love to win this so I can have fun with my family.

  99. Susie Draper Reply

    What a terrific product line. Can’t wait to create with them.

  100. Absolutely beautiful colors! I would love to try these new inks!

  101. Janet Cobb Reply

    What a quick way for a newbie stamper to add to her stash! Got all of my fingers AND toes crossed to win this one!

  102. Rebeca Yahrling Reply

    I have been wanting to try using these – they’re gorgeous!

  103. Shannon Miller Reply

    These look fabulous! Would love to win, thank for the chance 🙂

  104. I have never tried these, would love the opportunity to try them!!!

  105. Dawn Burnett Reply

    I’ve never seen these before but would love to try them!

  106. Wendy Davidson Reply

    I’ve never used Clearsnap so this would be a great opportunity to start…plus I could share with my friend Alice Boll!

  107. Karen Thomas Reply

    Looks like a great prize. I don’t have anything like this in my craft room yet!

  108. Gena Lafleur Reply

    I would love to add these to my craft room ,I will dream of these as we do not have these where I live.

  109. Theresa in Kitimat Reply

    This would be such a great prize to win. Thanks for the chance.

  110. Now that I’m retired and have more time to craft and be creative, this would add to my stash of supplies and level of creativity thanks

  111. I love Clearsnap products. Would love to try these. Of course, I might never come out of my scrapbooking room then. 🙂

  112. kathleen schriber Reply

    WHAT AN AWESOME PRIZE! thank you very much for the chance to win this!

  113. Would sure love to win this. Can think of many projects to use these inks on,

  114. I love these inks so vibrant and rich and very versatile hadn’ realize so many colors ans styles. I like hiw you can get bright and vibrant volours and at the other end you get the very beautiful soft water colour look , love them….☆☆☆☆

  115. Michelle Marks Reply

    a girl can NEVER have too much ink! good luck everyone!

  116. Oooh these look like they would be fun to play with. *Hoping I will win*

  117. Jennifer Scalabrini Reply

    Those look like they would be a lot of fun!! Would love to be able to try them!!

  118. Dianne Mahura Reply

    These look like I could get really messy and loseysf for a day into craft room!

  119. These look sweeeeet!! Wonderful colours – look like great fun. Thanks for chance to win!

  120. Debbie Jacklin Reply

    this would a wonderful addition to my scrapbooking supplies!!

  121. Diane Lush Reply

    They look like so much fun…. Imagine what you can do with them!

  122. Carol Douglass Reply

    The colors are so bright and vibrant, I would love to give the a whirl! Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Tammy Predovic Reply

    These look so pretty, would love to win and try them out!

  124. Lorna Arthur Reply

    Wow. I would be thrilled to
    Add all these colors to my
    Stash!!!!! Pick me <3

  125. I would love to feature these inks on my youtube channel “Lizzie’s Workshop” where I adventure into all kinds of paper crafting and mixed media! Sounds like loads of colorful fun!

  126. rachel reynolds Reply

    yes please i dont have anything like these be great to win them tahnks

  127. Fleur Smith Reply

    These would be so fun – thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  128. Clairebear Reply

    OH the things you can do with those inks, it’s just amazing. Only have a couple of them and would loooove to add these to my collection. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  129. Heather Kerr Reply

    Love all kinds of inks…they look great! Crossing my inky fingers!

  130. Can’t wait to win those gorgeous vibrant colours. Thx for the chance to win.

  131. Shari Czerwinski Reply

    Such bright, bold and beautiful colors! Would love to play with them 🙂

  132. Kelly Haskey Reply

    Would love to win. It would be good for my soul right now. Thanks

  133. Who wouldn’t to win this prize? I don’town any so would be fun to play with new products!!!

  134. Jennifer taylor Reply

    Omg! Gorgeous colors!!! Oh! The creative possibilities!

  135. rachael maddock Reply

    What a fantastic prize to win?! There’s nothing I love working with more than ink! Not only is it beautiful its also very versatile in how you can work with it!!!! I would therefore LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!!

  136. What a fabulous prize. How I would love to win this. Great colors to use. Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Martine M. Reply

    So much nice colors ! Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  138. Jodi Clausen Reply

    Would live to be lucky enough to win those IZINKS!!!! Thanks!

  139. Beverly Rubio Reply

    Love clearsnap!! And hope to win this awesome crafty prize!!!

  140. Gavi Slutzkin Reply

    Looks like awesome product, would love to win some! 🙂

  141. I would absolutely jump up and down if I were to win this!! This would be the ultimate prize to win!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  142. ava Gavloski Reply

    A complete set of these would be a wonder full addition to my studio thanks for sharing the love of the industry

  143. what a fabulous prize, I have tried these izinks and they are fantastic….

  144. Tammy Hayes Thompson Reply

    These are amazing! I love love love the colours! Thanks for the chance to win!

  145. Chandra Christine O'Connor Reply

    Id want this for my sister she is extremely crafty

  146. OOOH These beautiful colors NEEEED to be in Vegreville!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  147. Wow, these inks look interesting! I will have to look into them. Liked there FB page and said hello. Thank you for sharing.

    Katie B.

  148. Roxanne Anderson Reply

    I would love these inks as I have been watching g you tube artists use them. Cannot wait to try playing with them myself!

  149. Karen Hayes Reply

    I’d love to win this awesome prize pack! I’d have a lot of fun playing with these great inks, thanks for the chance to win!

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